It’s going to be a beautiful day on the mountain today, enjoy it!

Here’s a wrap up of yesterday’s winterstorm situation.

  • It was already forecasted that wind might be a problem for the lifts.
  • Impossible to operate Flying Mile at opening. It opened around 9:15 when the wind slowed down.
  • Wind direction was in most of the lifts axes and permitted a slow speed operation.
  • We had to close down le Soleil at 11:30 when the wind picked up.
  • Shortly after noon, wind direction slightly changed.
  • We had to close the Gondola, Flying Mile, TGV, Edge and Casino Express Gondola.
  • Then we had to close Duncan.

The no. 1 priority is security. On a windy day, our team gets mobilized to follow the wind impact on the lifts. Yesterday afternoon, we had wind peaks over 80 km/h.