A brand-new product is taking shape at Tremblant: Summer Skiing! This ski slope made with a synthetic surface, specially designed for the initiation to snow sports, will be ready to welcome its first skiers and snowboarders as of August 18th. Located in the learning area of the Équilibre trail, this innovative activity opens up new opportunities for beginners and winter sports enthusiasts.

In this article, we will explore the different construction stages that were undertaken, over several months, to turn this idea into reality.

Step 1: Incline adjustment and leveling the trail

The first step was to adjust the inclination of the upper Équilibre trail, to create a terrain suitable for the introduction to snow sports. This required civil engineering expertise to guarantee the safety and comfort of users.

Step 2: Placing drainage trenches

To ensure effective drainage and prevent the accumulation of water on the surface, drainage trenches were installed. This will help maintain the quality of the track by minimizing the risks associated with excess water.

Step 3: Irrigation

Irrigation plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the learning area. The mist emitted by the system helps the glide on the carpet. A good system has therefore been carefully put in place to ensure that the surface remains nice and ready for use at all times.

Step 4: Grass Seeding

Grass seeding is essential to create a root system under the carpet, in the ground. These roots help hold the ground in place during weather events and help anchor the screws in the ground.

Step 5: Installation of geotextile and Neveplast mat

Ground preparation is essential to ensure the durability of the slope. A geotextile was installed to reinforce the floor structure, followed by the installation of the Neveplast mat, a synthetic surface designed specifically to provide optimal performance in terms of skiing or snowboarding.

Step 6: Placing the Mat

The mat has been carefully laid down and secured in place to ensure an even, smooth surface that best simulates winter skiing conditions. This step requires great precision to obtain the desired result.

Step 7: Putting up the protective fences

User safety is paramount. Protective fencing has been installed along the track to avoid any risk of overflow and to create a safe learning environment.


The construction of this dry slope at Tremblant was an exciting journey from concept to reality. With an investment of 1.4 million dollars for the complete concept, this installation will offer a unique experience to beginners and will open up new perspectives for learning snow sports. Stay tuned for more information on future developments and the opportunities it will bring to the winter sports community.