Snowpark enthusiasts are treated at the resort with 3 terrain parks made of 50 modules and jumps for all levels. For your first jumps, learning new tricks, or just for fun, you can rely on our team’s expertise and creativity for a great — and safe — day in the park. Our experienced park rangers continually strive to create the best snow conditions. To learn, or just for the fun of it, explore our snowparks and practice your moves in a security-oriented environment. Find our more about our snowparks and which one is best for your level below.

Adrénaline Snowpark

On the South side at the top of the Flying Mile ski lift, you’Mll find the Adrénaline snowpark. Madde of 3 sections, this park is destined to advanced to expert users. The upper and lower Curé Deslauriers sections offer you several modules, rails and jumps, whether the Promenade section attracts the more adventurous with its big air type jumps and high-caliber modules. This park is also the host of many events, like Jamigos in the spring.


Progression Snowpark

Still on teh South side, this timie in the lower Alpine trail, the Progression park is a good in-between for those of a intermediate level. Jumps and modules of medium size are available to pratice your maneuvers and perfect your skills before going on larger modules.


Mitik Snowpark

The perfect park to start in the sport! The Miitk snowpark is located on the North side in the Sissy Schuss trail and allows you to learn the basics of freestyle ou simply to have fun on smaller modules and jumps. With close to 30 modules over 1.7 km of trail, every one can have fun in this park, guaranteed!


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