When it comes to golfing in Tremblant, the experience is nothing short of spectacular. Nestled in the picturesque Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, the Tremblant golf courses, Golf Le Diable and Golf Le Géant, boast some of the most challenging and beautiful signature holes in the region. In this blog, we’ll delve into four standout holes you simply must play and offer some tips on how to tackle them.

Golf Le Diable

La Plantation (Hole 1)

Main Feature: An impressive sand trap on the left side of the entire hole.

How to Play: La Plantation is the perfect opening challenge at Golf Le Diable. As you step up to the tee, the first thing you’ll notice is the formidable waste bunker stretching along the left side. To avoid this hazard, aim your drive to the right side of the fairway. A controlled, accurate shot is essential to stay out of trouble. For your second shot, take a conservative approach and aim for the center of the green, avoiding any aggressive play that might pull your ball left. Precision over power is the key to conquering this hole.


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Panorama (Hole 2)

Main Feature: A long par 5 with large sand traps and a lake on the left.

How to Play: Panorama is a fun par 5 that will test both your distance and accuracy. Off the tee, aim to keep your drive just right of center. The fairway is wide, so take advantage of it! For your second shot, consider laying up short of the large sand traps to give yourself a manageable approach to the green or if your tee shot is long enough it is a good time to go for it. The green itself is well-protected, but it is a good risk reward par 5.


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Golf Le Géant

Les Pins (Hole 12)

Main Feature: A beautiful par 5 with a slightly angled hole to the right, offering a magnificent view of Mont Tremblant Resort from the tee.

How to Play: Hole 12, Les Pins, is a wonderful opportunity to test your strategic game. From the tee, you are greeted with a breathtaking view of Tremblant, adding a touch of splendor to your golfing experience. The hole angles slightly to the right, requiring a well-placed tee shot. To maximize your distance while keeping your ball on the fairway, aim slightly left of center. For your second shot, a well-controlled fairway shot will position you for a comfortable approach to the green. Avoid the strategically placed sand traps by keeping your shots low and precise. The beauty of this hole lies not only in the landscape but also in the challenge it presents.


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Concentration (Hole 18)

Main Feature: A breathtaking view of Lake Tremblant coupled with a challenging layout.

How to Play: The 18th hole at Golf Le Géant, aptly named Concentration, requires just that – your utmost focus. The scenic view of Lake Tremblant can be both a distraction and a reward. Off the tee, aim for the center of the fairway, avoiding any temptation to overextend your drive. The approach shot demands accuracy, as the green is well-guarded and any mistake can be costly. Use the stunning view as a calming backdrop to steady your nerves and execute your shots with precision. The beauty and difficulty of this hole make it a memorable finish to your round.


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Playing the signature holes at Tremblant’s Golf Le Diable and Golf Le Géant is a must for any golf enthusiast. These holes not only challenge your skills but also offer some of the most breathtaking views in the region. By following these strategies and focusing on precision, you can navigate these courses with confidence and truly enjoy the unique golfing experience Tremblant has to offer.

Ready to take on the challenge? Pack your clubs, plan your shots, and experience the thrill of Tremblant’s signature golf holes. Happy golfing!