The Magasin de la Place has created a new runners club and would like to invite you to participate. Reconnect with this great sport in a program supervised by Karl Britten of La Source Aquaclub. Our goal is to get you to run 5 or 10 kilometers at the Mont-Tremblant half marathon which will be held August 11, 2013. Beginners are welcome!

Throughout the program, adjustments will be made to the groups according to your capacity.

The meeting point will be at Le Magasin de la Place (MDLP)

May 2 – Information sessions at (12:30pm or 5:00pm) at MDLP for approximately 30 minutes

May 9: VIP day at the MDLP, members will be entitled to an additional 10% discount according to their status (ex: an employee who is entitled to a 30% discount will get a 40% discount, a member who is entitled to a 20% discount will get a 30% discount). Up to a maximum of 45%

The program begins Wednesday May 15 at 5:00pm and will continue every Wednesday and Sunday at 9:00am, until the day of the half-marathon, on August 11.

The cost of registration for the club is $ 40, which includes your registration to the half marathon. Full participation of the training program is required for the half Marathon.

For more details, please contact our personnel at the store 819-681-4502. Hope to see you running with us.