Have you ever been to the Refuge du Trappeur? Nestled midway up Versant Soleil, it is a small log cabin hidden in the woods between two ski trails. It’s warm and welcoming with a laid-back, rustic atmosphere, wood-burning stove and occasional live music. During the winter season, skiers and riders can come and enjoy a good hearty stew with a warm drink or beer as they sit on the deck and admire the view on the wonderful Laurentians. 

As it is an authentic forest shack, the Refuge du Trappeur has no running water, but is equipped with an outhouse. One thing that is does have, that you won’t find anywhere else, is a songster! Every once in a while you will find Richard Trépannier singing and playing his guitar, to the delight of all who are present. (Watch the clip below to find out more about him.)

Come discover this little gem on your next visit!