From February 27 to March 2nd, Tremblant will welcome the Men’s Alpine Skiing Nor-Am Cup (North American Cup), one of the competition tours organized by the FIS (International Ski Federation). For the occasion, 150 athletes from 11 nations will be present for the race. The event will be held in the Flying Mile trail, which was redesigned last summer for this and, eventually, the Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup that will take place in December 2023. That said, major facilities will be placed in the Flying Mile trail and at the South base of the mountain, which will create obstacles to access it. Here’s how this week of racing will go.

Photos: Gary Yee

Restrictions on the South Side

Note that due to strong winds on Tuesday February 28, the Giant Slalom race scheduled for this day will be postponed until Wednesday March 1st. The ski-out to the South bsae will therefore be via the 2 ways below on Wednesday as well. Access will also be closed on Tuesday.

Restrictions at the base of the South side will be in effect on Monday February 27 and Wednesday March 1st for the Giant Slalom events, since the race will end in the Johannsen trail. So for these 2 days, access to the South base will possible by 2 routes from the top of the mountain:

  • Beginner and intermediate route: You can access the South base and the pedestrian village by the Nansen trail, otherwise by taking the Gondola Express down or the Casino Gondola Express from the Soleil side.
  • Expert route: From the top of the mountain, skiers and snowboarders will go down the McCulloch or Taschereau trail. Then, they will have to take the Upper Desserres trail, then go through Dernier Cri, Lower Desserres, Chalumeau, Sentier des pruches all the way to the Onésime carpet.

We will also have signage on the mountain and at the summit to warn guests about the restrictions. Access to the TGV ski lift stays the same by the Beauvallon, Mi-Chemin and McCulloch trails, as well as the other sides. Only the South base will be touched by these restrictions during these 2 days of racing. However, note that the Beauvallon and Mi-Chemin trails will stop at the TGV lift, so it will not be possible to ski lower. See the map below to know how to access the village.

As for the Adrénaline snowpark, it will stay open and in operation. It will therefore be accessible by the Flying Mile ski lift and the exit will be via the Roy Scott trail to the base of the mountain.

All the South side lifts will be open during the even, namely the Gondola Express, the Flying Mile lift and the Casino Gondola Express, according to the mountain’s operation hours. So guests will be able to park at the South side as usual. See the lift schedule here.

En date du mercredi 1er mars et jeudi 2 mars, les entraves seront levées puisque la course se terminera dans la piste Flying Mile bas. Les skieurs et planchistes pourront donc descendre vers le village comme à l’habitude sans restriction.

On Thursday March 2nd, restrictions will be lifted as the Slalom events will end in the Lower Flying Mile trail. Skiers and snowboarders will therefore be able to go down to the village as usual without restriction.

Access to the Slope

The Flying Mile trail will be closed to skiers and snowboarders all week of Feberuary 20 to let the teams prepare the slope for the race. It will also be closed during the race of course.  Our snow grooming team will rework it following the event to restore access to all as soon as possible.

See the Race

A sspectators area will be set up at the bottom of the race to see the arrival of the athletes, as well as at the top of the Johannsen trail to see the start of the race.

For the detailed schedule of the event, you can find it on our website.