Cool temperatures are coming back!

This week’s milder temperatures allowed our snow operations teams to rework the surfaces of open trails and maximize gliding conditions. As a result, we plan to open 27 runs over the weekend.

Since the beginning of the season, 82 cm of snow has fallen on the mountain. With cold temperatures returning, we will be able to resume snowmaking and offer an optimal experience for the 24h Tremblant.

With the support of Mother Nature, our mountain operations team was able to deliver exceptional conditions for this early in the season.



The park has been opened since the launch of the season and the modules are accessible at the bottom of Beauvallon Haut.

24h Tremblant

The 18th edition of 24h Tremblant will be held on December 7, 8 and 9. Over 24 hours, participants will ski, run and walk to support sick children. Since fundraising records are meant to be broken, don’t forget to give to this good cause and exceed last year’s gains! Once again, thank you to all those who are involved in helping children.

24h Closing Ceremony – 10 DEC 2017 ©GaryYee Tremblant