We’re starting off the new year with great ski conditions, despite the lack of natural snow. For this we can thank the temperatures of the last few weeks, which have been very favorable for snowmaking. In fact, since December 17th we have only had two full days of interruption in our snowmaking plans. This allowed us to deliver all the lifts for the holidays and to continually deliver new trails. The very intense cold of the last few days was particularly favorable to production. In order to continue this momentum, some trails will be closed for a few days to allow for massive snowmaking.

With our snowmaking production ending for the season on Friday, January 21st, the snowmaking team is currently working on the few trails that had not yet been delivered. They also started the second layer of snow for the spring trails, i.e. the trails that must withstand possible mild spells in order to remain open until the end of the season. We therefore add an additional thickness in these trails which acts as an insurance policy. Groomers are already hard at work placing all the snow we made, to be able to open these runs for skiers and snowboarders as soon as possible. This means the trail count will be higher by the weekend.

Please note that the Duncan lift will be closed from Monday January 17th to Thursday January 20th in order to shorten the cable. As the cable was replaced this summer, this is a regular operation to correct the stretching that normally occurs in the months following the installation of a new cable. As the Duncan cable is about 5km long, the process is lengthier. Normal operation will resume Friday for the Duncan lift.

Snowpark enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Promenade section of the Adrénaline snowpark will be open this weekend with the big jumps! The other parks are all open already: Progression park in the Alpine trail, Mitik park in the Sissy Schuss trail and Adrénaline park – Curé Deslauriers section.

As for alpine touring, all trails are currently open! Whether you are used to alpine touring at Tremblant or you are just starting out, here are some things to know for a successful outing this winter: blogue.tremblant.ca/6-things-touring-in-tremblant/

We would like to thank all our teams and highlight the excellent work of these enthusiasts!