Snow making being over, we are almost at 100% of our skiing domain open with 98 trails on 4 sides. The most anticipated moment is approaching!

With 743 acres of beautiful skiing terrain, conditions are excellent with a groomed and hard-packed surface. Our snow team has now completed their work on the slopes and are now entering in maintenance mode for the rest of the season to ensure to always offer the best snow conditions possible to skiers and snowboarders. We are also patiently waiting a new snow fall from Mother Nature to allow us to open our entire terrain as soon as possible, since conditions are still marginal in certain glades and trails.


On the weather side, a few snowflakes are on the forecast for the next days as well as milder temperatures, but winter will be back next week with colder weather. We also were spoiled with great blue sky days in the past days with great ski conditions. So join us all for another beautiful weekend on the slopes! You can get your ski lift tickets online to save time when you visit.

As for terrain parks, the lower section of the Mitik park in the Sissy Schuss trail is now open. Our parks team added several modules and jumps to allow beginners to get started with the discpline or to perfect their skills in a safe environment. So this allows us to have our 3 snowparks open on the mountain. Plus, the Promenade section of the Adrénaline park is now open since last weekend, but the team continues their work to add various additional modules. We would like to remind you that all of our snowparks are evolving throughout the season, so we will modify them and add new features all winter. We invite you to visit the Parcs Tremblant Instagram page to see our videos and to follow this evolution.

We opened registration this week for Touring at Night, Presented by The North Face. Alpine touring enthusiasts are invited to this unique Tremblant experience, in which they will climb the mountain from the South side after hours to the rythm of the sunset, and then go back down on the North side with a heaplamp where a rustic alpine dinner and several surprises await them. Spots are limited, do not miss your chance!


New “Bonjour en glace” Sculpture

Have you seen our new ice sculpture on the South side? This new ephemeral art installation represents the winter landscapes of Quebec, and is part of an initiative by Bonjour Québec as part of their mandate for the Quebec Ministry of Tourism. Tremblant is proud to have been chosen among the 3 sites to host the sculptor. We invite all of our guests to take a photo in front of it and to share it on social media by taguing us with #tremblant and #bonjourenglace. The sculpture is on the South side, at the end of the Promenade and Flying Mile trails.

For real-time snow conditions, see our mountian report on our website or download the Tremblant mobile app. Happy skiing!