Make Way for the 22th Edition of the Tremblant 24h!

The mountain is getting ready to welcome the 2022 Tremblant 24h this weekend and the snow production is going well to make snow on the South base for the event. The South base was therefore closed all day on Thursday and Friday to allow this snow production and for our teams to groom everything and prepare the base of the mountain to welcome participants as of Friday night. Our snow groomers moved a ton of snow during the day of Thursday to prepare the field for the 24h. This edition also marks the addition of a new discipline: alpine touring!


The stage and the ski transition zone have been set up, installations in the pedestrian village for walkers and runners are installed… we are ready to welcome the 22th edition of this major event. Skiing/snowboarding, walking/running or alpine skiing, we wish a good challenge and 24h to all participants! It is still time to make a donation if you haven’t yet.


Snow Production

Production from last week allowed us to prepare the opening of new trails despite the up and down weather. Following Wednesday’s rain, the snow making team has been busy setting up the next system start and adjusting the equipment to have a maximum impact force. Snow production has therefore restarted very early Thursday morning, particularly on the South base to deliver the slopes for the Tremblant 24h, but also at several other places on the mountain to extend the skiable terrain accessible to the public for the weekend. These new trails will be confirmed daily on the mountain report available our website. Expo and Flying Mile lifts will open to skiers on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Good news for snowpark enthusiasts! The Mitik snowpark in the Sissy Schuss trail on the North side will open on Friday. The Progression snowpark on the Alpine trail will also be open on Friday to all but closed for the weekend for the Tremblant 24h.

Photo: Gary Yee (

Slopes Open for the 24h Participants

Participants to the Tremblant 24h will be able to ski on the following trails:

  • Beauvallon haut & bas
  • Bière-en-bas
  • Roy Scott

The ascension of the mountain for participants in alpine touring will be done in the Nansen trail on a marked corridor.

The walking and running course will be done in and around the pedestrian village on a 4 km course.

Have a great weekend!