The Tremblant World Cup is behind us, make way for the 24h Tremblant!

Installations for the Tremblant World Cup have now been removed at the South base of the mountain, which means that guests can now ski to the South base with the Beauvallon and Johannsen trails, through the Onésime trail. We currently have close to 15 trails open and we are working on opening several new ones. Weather forecasts shows great openings for snow making between now and Friday, so we plan on delivering close to 30 trails total during the weekend (including the trails for the 24h Tremblant mentioned below). This will all be possible if the forecast cold is enough of course.


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As for the lifts in operation this weekend, we will be adding the Expo lift as of Friday to serve the North base with the Duncan lift, in addition to the Flting Mile lift as of Satuday with the lower Nansen trail. These are added to the lifts already in operation since the opening of the ski season.

The South base will remain skiable this weekend despite the 24h Tremblant with the Deserres and Johannsen trails. Obviously, after the 24h has passed, skier traffic will go back to normal and even more skiable terrain will be available!

We would also like to remind you that it is important to stay on the open trails at all times, even when we receive important amount of natural snow. With that said, the reason why we close trails if because they pose a safety issue, and our mission will always stay to open a maximum of skiable terrain to our guests. Our ski patrol thanks you!

What to Know for the 24h Tremblant

The majority of snowmaking required for the 24h was completed before the World Cup weekend. So we are in a very good position for the event this weekend. The official 24h Tremblant trails are Beauvallon from top to bottom, Alpine, Bière-en-bas, Roy Scott, as well as Nansen that is a new addition this year to offer more skiable terrain for beginners.

It’s 503 teams, 4,500 participants who will set off at noon on Saturday for the 23rd edition of the 24h Tremblant skiing/snowboarding, alping touring, and walking/running. We invite you all to come and enourage them at the foot of the slopes all weekend. Join us also as of Friday evening to enjoy their musical program until Sunday, with Bleu Jeans Bleu, P-Y Lord and Matt Lang to only name a few. Discover the full program online. And don’t forget to make a donation to the cause and encourage your friends and family in their fundraising.

For live snow conditions, see our mountian report on our website or download the Tremblant mobile app.