Did you know that there are several ways to reach the highest peak in the Laurentians? The perfect activity to do with your family, friends or on a date this fall, our 11 hiking trails for all levels, from 1 km to 11 km, wind through Mont Tremblant along waterfalls, streams and lakes. Sometimes in shaded areas, other times in the sunshine, the trails in our network offer breathtaking landscapes at every turn. And who knows? You might come across a deer on the way!

Access to the hiking trails is free throughout the summer and the colorful autumn season. In the fall, not only will you be spoiled by colorful landscapes, it’s a great leg workout before the ski season!

Read our hiking tips and tricks here.

If you plan on taking the panoramic gondola to come back down, you can purchase a pedestrian lift ticket for $7.60 (fee and taxes not included) at our Customer Service counter before leaving or at the Grand Manitou at the summit. Please be sure to check the lift schedule before heading out!

We asked our Facebook community what their favorite trail was and why. Here are their answers!

Grand Prix des Couleurs

One-way | 2.7 km (60-90 min.) // Shortest course to the summit through alpine ski trails

“I like the Grand Prix des Couleurs for its directness. Plus we always make great encounters there! ” – France Carbonneau

“If I want to push myself in my training, direct ascent through the ski slopes is where I’m headed! “–Dorian Baysset

Grand Brûlé

One-way | 5.6 km (2h +) // From the base to the summit. Access via Ruisseaux trail

“The Grand Brûlé trail is very diverse and pleasant all along the route! We do it twice a year … First in May, when the snow is often not completely melted there. The lake on the way is splendid and sometimes the deer stop there to drink! And in October the spectacle of colors… what more can I say!”-Melanie Inkell

“We did Grand Brûlé this summer. Great views and a hike that is just demanding enough. Definitely doing it again this fall!” -Dominique Bourassa

“Le Grand Brûlé without hesitation. It offers great views and it is varied so it feels like you are on an adventure. It is also physically interesting!” -Marie-Claude Montpetit

“Grand Brûlé in the fall … it’s like a dream!”-Joelle Labrie

“I did the Grand Brûlé this year, very beautiful and a bit demanding as I like it!” -Johanne Bérubé

“Physically and visually interesting. A diverse trail with impressive viewpoints!” -Julie Le Sieur

“Grand Brûlé! Love that it’s mostly shaded, challenging and the landscape changes often.” -Sacha Leclair

“Leave early in the morning for a touch of freshness. Even if it’s raining, it’s a fantastic hike, watch out for slippery rocks though.” -Richard Plante

Vertigo / Sasquatch 

Vertigo – One-way | 5.6 km (1h30 +) // From the base to summit

Sasquatch – One-way | 2.1 km (20-45 min.) // Alternative course for Vertigo

“I do Vertigo to start and I follow up with the Sasquatch and les Sommets to finish at the Pic Edge!”- Caroline Fortier

“The Vertigo trail 🙂 and at the top of the mountain we complete our hike with the 360 trail” -Anne-Marie Caron

“I like to start off with the pink run [Les Sommets], which falls into the yellow run [Sasquatch] and then finish on the blue run along the  stream [Vertigo Bas]. I love it.”- Karoline Poiré

Les Ruisseaux

Loop | 2 km (45-60 min.) // Trail along mountain streams

“Our children like Les Ruisseaux for its magnificent waterfalls ?” – France Carbonneau

“Les Ruisseaux is a simple and short loop which still offers a variety of landscapes. Great to do with a baby in a backpack! ” –Michelle Pellerin


Loop | 2.5 km (45-60 min.) // Trail with a panoramic view of all slopes

“I like walking the 360 trail to the top of the mountain, in summer and fall. At times I only partially walk it with my children and we take the time to observe the magnificent view. I also take it to do the full tour, a hike, alone with my camera, which takes 45-60 minutes to cross the 2.5 km. North, south, forest, rocks, climbs and descents … it is not long, but well diversified! “- René-Pierre Normandeau

Pic Johannsen

One-way | 5 km (1h30 +) // From the base to Johannsen Peak. Remote, rustic and wild trail. Access by Vertigo trail

“Pic Johannsen on an autumn morning to discover the landscape from new angles. One of the beautiful hikes in Tremblant with the Grand Brulé ”- Simon Daigle

“My favorite is Pic Johannsen!” – Manon Bernard

Dogs are now welcome on the trails during the summer season exclusively, except in certain conservation areas of the national park (Parben, Johannsen trails and portion of les Sommets ). They must be kept on a leash at all times (3 meters max.) And you must collect their excrement in a hygienic manner.