You’ve put away your skis to make room for you hiking boots? Great news! With the official opening of hiking trails and the Panoramic Gondola last weekend, May 19, you’ll be able to hike up one of our 11 hiking trails or go up your favorite ski run.

Just like during winter, the mountain offers various difficulty level trails such as beginner, intermediate and expert. We suggest you start the season slowly but surely by picking trails that are adapted to your level. Beginners, always ensure you pick trails that are suited to your physical abilities. No worries, you’ll still get to see the wonderful views, even on the easiest routes.

Hiking is an excellent off-season training for skiers and snowboarders. This sport works on legs and back muscles as well as your cardiovascular capacities. Don’t forget to bring water and something to eat!


See the following hiking trails map and plan your outing wisely.