Summer 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the birds of prey show at the top of Tremblant! We’ll be waiting for you every day this summer to live a unique experience in nature.

The Show

Admire the prowess of Falcon Environment’s birds of prey in front of the panorama of the Laurentians. Animated dynamically by animator-biologists, learn all about these spectacular birds and marvel at their agility as they brush right past you and fly right above your head!


Falcon Ed, Falcon Environment’s educational program, aims to bridge the gap between students and their natural environment, encourage environmental awareness and respect by introducing live birds of prey, and demonstrate the impact that humans have on wildlife and ecosystems.

During the show, you will have the chance to contemplate the power and beauty of several predators, including a bald eagle, a great horned owl, a Harris hawk, a barn owl, a red-tailed hawk, and American kestrels. In addition, after each representation, those who wish will have the chance to hold one of the birds and have their picture taken.

Falcon Environment invites young ang old to the top of the mountain every day this summer until mid-October for a unique and educational show, all in an intimate setting. There are 3 representations per day, including one in English. Book your tickets now.

Become an Apprentice Falconer

A golden opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to interact with the birds even closer! As part of this activity, a falconer will introduce you to the art of falconry. You’ll also have the chance to fly a trained Harris hawk on your gloved hand. The falconer will introduce you to the basics of falconry including the characteristics of birds of prey, the history and applications of falconry, falconer and bird equipment, and bird handling and free flight.

More on Falcon Environment and Falcon-Ed

Falcon Environment (FALCON) is a company specialized in the art of modern falconry, training birds of prey, reproducing them for conservation and re-release, for ecological control of nuisance birds, for educational presentations, free-flying birds shows and film. Created In 1989 by young environmentally conscious entrepreneurs with a passion for falconry and birds of prey, FALCON has brown and succeeded in becoming a well recognized leader in its field, in Quebec and abroad.

For its part, Falcon-Ed has existed since 1995 and presents hundreds of educational activities on these birds to schools, various groups, organizations, and zoos. Since 2020, Falcon Ed has been part of the “Culture at school” program – Scientific Culture component of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the Ministry of Education.


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