Tremblant is proud to announce that it will be integrating RFID technology for the 2023/24 season. Access to all lifts will be possible by passing through a gate which will read the content of skiers’ and snowboarders’ cards via Radio Frequency IDentification. Thus, the gate will open automatically as they pass.

The introduction of this technology requires a new card that will be sent by mail to Ikon Pass, Tonik and Latitude holders, while daily tickets can be collected on site via printing terminals or at the counter.

This new procedure facilitates access to the lifts for both visitors and validators because the card is read through the garment. This therefore speeds up access to the lift while reducing the risk of loss or breakage of passes and cards. We are thrilled to offer this new feature that will make the Tremblant experience even easier and more enjoyable than ever!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on our website for more details. 

New Online Sales Platform

Ikon Pass holders will see no change on their online purchase process, while Tonik pass holders will now have to purchase 2023/24 season passes on a new platform, on which they will have to create their profile.

Promo Code

Note that 2022/23 Tonik pass holders will receive a promotional code in the mail by March 21 to access the renewal rate. It is very important not to make the purchase without your personalized promo code.


You are a 2022/23 student Tonik pass holder and are over 18 years old? To access the student rate, simply follow the instructions when purchasing online. Once you’ve assigned the adult Tonik pass to your name, you’ll need to add the student discount. This will validate your student proof and adjust the rate automatically. No promotional code needed. However, if you are no longer a student, then you will need the promotional code sent by mail mentioned above.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section about this matter on our website, and visit our passes page.