Tremblant new Glades are Awaiting you…

The opening of new glades and a new trail on the mountain is creating a real buzz! Aren’t you excited to discover them? Find here an overview of each one of them, with their name and location!

  • Taïga :

    This is our Facebook name contest winner. This extreme level glade is located along the C.B.C. trail and is accessible from the summit. This section, covering a large area of 24.5 acres, is representative of the mixed boreal forest.

    Official picture of the Taïga glade :

  • Les Vallons :

    This 9.6-acre difficult level glade is located in rolling terrain, thus its French name “Les Vallons”. Nestled halfway down the Duncan trail, it is also easily accessible by La Vanier trail at the mid-mountain on the North Side.

  • Dynagriffe :

    This trail, located between Dynamite and La Griffe trails, was already nicknamed Dynagriffe by local skiers and snowboarders. This very difficult 17.3-acre area is accessible by the Expo Express lift.

  • Archipel :

    Access this difficult 11-acre section made up of islands of trees via the Rope Tow. The bottom section is very difficult and can also be reaching from the higher Beauchemin and the Axel trails.

  • Extension :

    This new glade on The Edge covers an area of 18 acres. Of difficult level, it is the extension of the Reaction glade and allows for a long continuous descent through wooded area. In the process, the Reaction glade was also expanded.

  • LTE :

    The installation of the new Lowell Thomas Express quad high-speed chairlift allowed to open a new run under the lift. Its name is therefore the abbreviation of the chairlift’s name. The LTE is a short difficult level 2-acre trail that leads directly to the bottom of the new lift.

Note that a new glade area was also cleared by the Boiling Kettle. These new glades are ready for winter! Let’s meet you there after the first big snow dump of the season!

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