We are listening!

In 2011, Tremblant created the Tremblant Members Consultation Group to better understand the needs and expectations of our Season Passholders.

Three meetings have been held so far with a sample of 20 members, representative of our loyal customers. These interactive meetings allow us to discuss issues regarding the mountain, validate project ideas and seek to better understand expectations. During these meetings, guests were also given an overview of the members’ breakfast and BBQ presentations.
Many good ideas emerged from these consultations. It has become clear that communication is key and guests were unanimous: members want to be informed.

Tremblant has heard you and, since the first consultation in December 2011, many actions have been taken. Following your recommendations, we have made a few technical adjustments on the mountain, launched a member newsletter with concise and transparent information and are now offering, with this blog, bidirectional, real-time communication.
We hope that these actions fulfill your expectations. Thanks for your input, Tremblant is now more accessible than ever!