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In 2011, Tremblant created the Tremblant Members Consultation Group to better understand the needs and expectations of our Season Passholders.

Three meetings have been held so far with a sample of 20 members, representative of our loyal customers. These interactive meetings allow us to discuss issues regarding the mountain, validate project ideas and seek to better understand expectations. During these meetings, guests were also given an overview of the members’ breakfast and BBQ presentations.
Many good ideas emerged from these consultations. It has become clear that communication is key and guests were unanimous: members want to be informed.

Tremblant has heard you and, since the first consultation in December 2011, many actions have been taken. Following your recommendations, we have made a few technical adjustments on the mountain, launched a member newsletter with concise and transparent information and are now offering, with this blog, bidirectional, real-time communication.
We hope that these actions fulfill your expectations. Thanks for your input, Tremblant is now more accessible than ever!

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  1. Earl
    Earl says:

    Now that some lockers have been removed from the season passholders locker room – it would be nice to consider some other improvements to make it more like the IROC lockers above – bigger lockers, more (solid) hooks on the wall for jackets, maybe some decor to make the place a little more welcoming

  2. Rod Bisset
    Rod Bisset says:

    With the excellent snowfall this year, why does it take so long to open the Versant Soliel pistes? 22Dec and they are still closed.

  3. Stan Shapiro
    Stan Shapiro says:

    Today is December 23rd and I am very disappointed that the Chalameau trail is not yet open. In your post you laud yourself on the early season snowmaking this year, but the failure to have the Porte del Soleil lift and the Chalameau and Sentier des Pruches trails open renders the ski-in ski-out experience for hundreds of owners and renters in the Domaine de Foret a fantasy. Please do not allow this to happen again.

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