As you’ve probably noticed, the popularity of outdoor activities has greatly increased in the past years! People are more and more encouraged to take advantage of the great outdoors and seek out nature and fresh air. This type of enthusiasm is particularly felt in places like Mont-Tremblant, known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities.

Golf is amongst the outdoor activities where an important increase in demand is being witnessed. For beginners and experts alike, working remotely has made this sport more accessible than ever. Many people have taken the decision to work remotely from their secondary homes or rentals, as we see often in Tremblant. For these individuals, it is now possible to go play a round of golf at Le Diable after a day’s work, with tee times until 5:50 PM.

Preferential Rates After 3 PM

As of 3 PM, we can take advantage of the twilight rate and play for $89. After 5 PM, the rate drops to $59! Unlike playing in the morning or during the weekend, there are a lot fewer people in the evening and the sunsets are truly breathtaking!

Also as of 3 PM, children that are 15 years old or younger can join us on the course for free. What a great way to introduce them to this fantastic activity! As always, access to the driving range and a golf cart are included.


A little paradise for avid golfer working remotely from Tremblant and the surroundings. Having a golf course like Le Diable a few minutes away from home is quite a privilege. This is the type of course that you can play more than once a week and never get bored. The obstacles, the elevation changes, the famous waste bunkers and the fabulous landscapes keep me coming back. So, what do you say? Are you up for a round after work tonight? Book your tee time now to play at Le Diable.