Summer or winter, the Tremblant mountain offers breathtaking viewpoints.

The view from the highest peak of the Laurentians is indeed the subject of countless photos taken by our guests and even our employees. Some spots on the mountain give you access to magnificent view points on the surrounding valleys and mountains, the pedestrian village, as well as the famous Tremblant lake at the foot of the mountain. Here is a list of the ski trails with the most beautiful view at Tremblant.

South Side

Johannsen & Saint-Bernard

The famous postal card view of the pedestrian village and the Tremblant lake! Anyone who has ever skied at Tremblant has taken this photo at least once during their visit. But it’s a view we will never get tired of.


Because views are not always downwards! From the mid-mountain, at the top of the Flying Mile lift, the Belvédère trail that brings you to the TGV lift has a panoramic view on the top of the mountain.

Erik Guay, Vertige & Zig-Zag

The steep slopes of the Erik Guay, Vertige and Zig-Zag trails on the South side are very open and therefore give a stunning view on the Tremblant lake and the surroundings. Another very popular spot at the top of the mountain to take photos!

McCulloch & Kandahar

The McCulloch and Kandahar trails offer 2 interesting viewpoints. Snap yourself at the top of these trails with the lake and surrounding mountains, or pose a bit lower in the Kandahar trail upward with the gondolas and the top of the mountain in the background. If you opt for this second option, it is important to stay on the sides of the trail.

Beauvallon haut

The top of the Beauvallon trail on the South side is probably the best panoramic view on the Tremblant lake! La Crête trail from the top of the mountain will slowly bring your to this view until the top of the Beauvallon.

Adrénaline snowpark

Snowpark enthusiasts have an amazing view of the Tremblant lake from the first modules of the Adrénaline snowpark in the Curé Deslauriers haut trail, as well as a view on the pedestrian village in the Promenade section. Perfect to snap some photos of your tricks!

North Side

Jasey-Jay Anderson

Named after one of our athlete ambassadors and Olympic medalist of the same name, this black diamond trail on the North side opens on a view of the Lac Supérieur valleys and the surroundings.

Lowell Thomas

At the top of the Lowell Thomas trail, which you can take left of the Duncan ski lift, offers a breathtaking view on the North side of the resort and the surrounding mountains. Far away, we can also see the Mont-Garceau ski resort, the highest peak of the Lanaudière region.


The trail on the North side named in honor of the Montreal Expo 67 offers a mid-moutnain view on the surrounding mountains north of the resort. The Expo ski lift which runs along the trail of the same name also gives your this view from higher.


This short natural snow trail on the North side is half-trail half-glade, and offers a vision on the surrounding mountains, all of that surrounded by snowy trees on a narrow corridor.

La Griffe

This uncrowded and often ungroomed half-trail is accessible from the Expo ski lift and gives an amazing view on the valleys and mountains north of the resort. We recommend it on a snow storm day for powder and off-piste lovers.

Soleil Side

Les Bouleaux glade

Les Bouleaux glade is perfect to get familiar to off-piste skiing thanks to its fairly open and less uneven terrain. It is also one the glades with the best view on the mountain. Go down a little through the trees and here you are: it’s impossible to miss this viewpoint!


In the middle of the trail, mid-mountain, you have an incredible view on the old Gray Rocks ski resort, the city of Mont-Tremblant and the surrounding mountains. This hilly trail is one of our favourite on the Soleil side for its view!

Tape Cul

This trail that ends the Toboggan on the Soleil side gives you a direct view on the Mont-Tremblant Casino, as if you were going there for an après with friends.

Refuge du Trappeur

This is not a trail, but the Refuge du Trappeur located on the Soleil side has a terrace that offers an amazing elevated view. The ideal spot to take a break between runs and enjoy the view while drinking a hot chocolate.

Edge Side


The top of the Edge Side, more specifically the top of the Action trail, gives an incredible view on the main summit of Mount Tremblant, as well as trails on the North side.

What about you? What is your favourite viewpoint on the mountain?