Heart palpitating as you let the chair lift rise you to the starting point of this fun adventure, you leave the lively sounds of the village and the world behind.  The lights behind you fade and you enter the world of the Giant.  Soft lights lead the way.

What a perfect summer night to take this amazing ride. One by one, guests stroll through the path with their lit amulets hanging from their neck.  Most are intrigued, lost in silence.  Some seem fearless and ready to mock and confront the giant.

Moving on, the path is clear and fairly easy to navigate which allows our eyes to move up and admire the light show on the trees and rocks.  The fragrance of wood, leaves and nature welcome us to Tremblant at night.

The scene is divided in 3 parts, each more fascinating than the other. You can count the amulets ahead and behind you as you squint to see what is behind the lights and special effects… is the giant lurking? Some has discovered that they can make the mountain grumble just by pressing the right light.

Then he appears, larger than life his image shining on a rock face.  Everyone, even the mockers, stop, listen and are amazed at the powerful message the giant delivers.

The 1.5 kilometer waltz though the woods offers so many things to see and do that each participant surely lives a different experience. None is left without emotion as the trek at this time of year is also mixed with the mesmerising effects of our annual fall foliage colour spectacle.  Some may be lucky enough to spot a few deer munching on leaves. The forest and the mountain re so inviting at night, young hearts wish it to never end.

As we walk down the Nassen hill, we contemplate on what we’ve just seen, lived and the messages we hope to live by.  The lights of the mountain village appear and life returns, parents put their dreaming children to sleep and party goers hit the dance floors.  Something for everyone.  No matter what age or interest, the giant has left his mark on all of us.



Details and information at tongalumina.ca.