MON Tremblant program 2017

The MON Tremblant program: for the children and the community The passion and culture of skiing is passed from generation to generation. With this program, back for its fourth year, we want to encourage the succession and promote access to the mountain. From January 12 to 26, 2017, more than 1100 students from 8 primary […]

Visiting Mont Tremblant, Quebec in the Winter – The Blond Abroad

California-based and warm destination lover, The Blond Abroad embraced winter for her first time in Tremblant. She even wore her sandals in very different conditions than she is used to! Discover how, and all of her adventures on her trip here on her blog!        

Top 10 things to do in Tremblant, by Travelista Teri

Travel Expert Teri Johnson, aka Travelista Teri, visited Mont Tremblant last winter and came up with her list of top 10 things to do. Discover Tremblant through her eyes as she does everything from dogsledding to flying above the Laurentians in a helicopter, including skiing of course!   1- Experience dog sledding At Expedition Wolf, […]

Racing the sunset with Félix Burke

Riding the trails until the sun disappears beyond the horizon… Just one of the many ways our Athlete Ambassador Félix Burke enjoys his hometown playground of Tremblant. In the video below, follow the mountain bike champion as he plays around free-spiritedly on his bike. With his agility and ever-present smile, he makes our trails look […]

Inside the mind of Félix Burke: Racing into the summer of 2016

Article by Félix Burke for the Tremblant Blog The setting sun gives the rushing water a golden hue as I ride the Lynx trail, one of my favourites that follows the Diable river. The amazing landscape makes it easy for me to get lost in thought and I find myself thinking about what great surprises […]