The Trail Trybe camp and sports culture

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

The purpose of sport is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive competitive values like goal setting, sportsmanship, determination and perseverance. The personal lessons you learn through sport are invaluable. When competitive sport crosses the threshold from personal challenge and well-being to professional and high performance, sport takes on a different purpose. Although professional and high performance sport can be mightily impressive and entertaining, it can also start to diverge from the initial values of sport and feed attitudes like selfishness, win at all costs, and a fixed mindset. These may be part of what makes professional sport dramatic and entertaining, but are they necessary? I believe that as athletes cross this threshold, they must start to take responsibility for the positive impact they have through their sport and must make a greater effort to stay true to the basic values of sport. This is part of the reason why I started Trail Trybe, a bike camp for kids in my area. The other is that I have a total blast riding with young riders and am constantly inspired by the grit and innocent joy of kids riding bikes!

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

I started the camp in 2014 to give local kids a portal of entry to the sport of mountain biking and to inspire kids to embrace the lifestyle outdoor sport has to offer. I dedicate time and effort to the growth of the camp with the goal of creating a better experience for more kids, to help grow the sport, and to promote the beautiful area of Mont-Tremblant. I believe this camp will play part in creating a passionate new generation of athletes and promote the positive values of sport. I also hope that the young riders that go through the camp will go on to have a positive impact of their own in all disciplines of life. To ensure that the camp offers an experience that will authentically promote the benefits of sport, help kids fall in love with mountain biking, and give kids the tools to discover the area, my fellow Trail Trybe coaches and I focus on providing a personalized experience for each Trail Trybe participant. This means that whatever the background, interests or level of riding, each kid should feel like the camp is designed for him or her. This is not an easy task and it involves asking a lot of questions, empathy, and organization. Through this personalized experience, kids have a greater connection to the camp and hopefully will be inspired to share the positive values they learn in their lives outside of the camp.

Although the positive values of sport are at the core of the camp, Trail Trybe also focuses on helping the young riders master new skills that will allow them to progress in the sport. The talented coaches of Trail Trybe and I will walk the kids through the techniques needed for specific skills and the steps required to conquer certain features or trails. Each kid has their own challenge, but at Trail Trybe, each challenge is as important as the other, whether it is a big drop, climbing a big hill, or learning how to keep your feet on the pedals when going downhill!

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

This year at the first Trail Trybe camp of 2017, 25 young riders and 4 coaches including myself had a blast on the trails surrounding Mont-Tremblant. For 3 days, we explored what the region has to offer and shared many laughs. We rode trails like ‘’La Gorge’’, ‘’La Geai Bleu’’, and the classic ‘’Envoye en bas!!’’. Each day, the groups joined each other for lunch as a big team to talk about their morning ride. To refresh themselves after some good riding, the kids would jump into the warm water of la Rivière du Diable. Trail Trybe knows some great swimming spots that the kids like to keep secret! On the final day, Tremblant kindly gave the kids the opportunity to experience the resort and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Lac Tremblant. To celebrate the end of the camp, the kids locked their bikes up at the bike shop at the base of the mountain and had lunch at the Chalet de Voyageurs. After a tasty lunch and some candy, the kids had the chance to play some mini-putt at the resort. It was funny to see one of the smallest riders of the camp take home the win! Once the mini-putt tournament was wrapped up, the kids went swimming in Lac Tremblant and Trail Trybe celebrated the end of the camp on the beach by giving away some amazing prizes donated by Bicycles Quilicot and Cybercycle. Although it can be sad to see everyone go their own way at the end of the camp, the first edition of summer 2017 was a great success! The next camp will take place on the July 24, 25 and 26. For more information, you can visit

I hope that Trail Trybe will one day grow into a culture that encourages riders of all ages and abilities, from kids to adults and beginners to experts, to enjoy the beautiful area of Mont-Tremblant by bike. I envision doing this by continuously improving the experience for young riders and by growing Trail Trybe from just a camp for kids to offering adult camps, single day lessons and guided rides. I would like to see the young riders at the camps graduate to take on leadership roles within Trail Trybe and share the passion they cultivated there with others. I also hope that, through the reach of the internet and social media, the Trail Trybe culture will inspire people everywhere to get out and enjoy nature while keeping the principal values of sport to heart. My resources are limited as I am trying to balance full time studies and professional sport, but I am dedicated to making Trail Trybe an inclusive community of passionate people that will have as far reaching a positive impact as it can. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Trail Trybe and its members.

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

Lydiane Autour du Monde in Tremblant for the Gran Fondo

Adventurer, world traveller and writer Lydiane, from the blog, was in Tremblant this past weekend to participate in the annual Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant. Other than the large-scale cycling event, she also enjoyed some relaxing spa time at the Spa Scandinave, a high-flying zip above the Laurentians with Ziptrek Ecotours and a fun paddle session on Lake Tremblant. Here’s her photo recap:

Head in the clouds… or rather feet in the clouds!!!

Yoga everywhere!

Our wonderful Ziptrek group!

I love this photo, especially the two people on the right of the image…They look like they are straight out of a period movie!

2 wonderful and friendly humans! They did 125km of cycling at an average of 32 km/h ….. That’s what I call in shape!!!!

The terrace of the Coco Pazzo restaurant… We ate like royalty!! Miam! And they even have a gluten free menu… I love it!

Sunset from our bedroom window

Lake Tremblant marina

Paddle Board on a lake at 12 degrees = very focused on not falling in!!

VERY expressif balloon maker… Hihi!:)

This lady, this place… So inspirational! You have to stop by!

My love relaxing by the fire


The Tremblant International Blues Festival, as seen by Anne-Marie Withenshaw

by Anne-Marie Withenshaw

I’m delighted to announce that I will be returning as spokesperson for the 24th annual Tremblant International Blues Festival. My excitement for the event is always just as strong, year after year. This unique festival takes place in the heart of Tremblant’s superb pedestrian village. What’s more, it offers unrivaled access to spectacular artists.

Incredible discoveries

The Blues Festival is the perfect occasion for all kinds of new discoveries. With ten days of festivities, you can immerse yourself in Tremblant’s enchanting atmosphere, which perfectly complements the event’s musical rhythms.

One of my favourite things about the festival is discovering new artists. To get the most out of the experience, I go from stage to stage, then take the time to enjoy the performances I’ve chosen to watch. Each year, I discover several artists I’d never heard of before and now they are among my regular playlist!

Unrivaled access

It’s simple: no other musical event offers this kind of access to artists! In this respect, the Tremblant International Blues Festival is truly one of a kind. At Tremblant, it’s completely natural for artists to join the crowd and share precious moments of musical togetherness with other blues lovers. Keep your eyes open, as musicians often treat visitors to performances on the village’s terraces and in its restaurants and bars.

I like. Big. Braids and I cannot lie. ?

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The perfect escape

As soon as you arrive in the heart of the pedestrian village, you’ll see that the festival offers much more than live music! In addition to numerous free shows, the destination serves up 1,001 ways to have fun. I often attend the festival with family and friends: there’s truly something for everyone. It’s simply impossible to be bored with all the activities, restaurants and shops right on site!

An electrifying atmosphere

The Tremblant International Blues Festival has become an annual tradition for me and my loved ones. We always leave with great memories. Music is a big part of how I spend my time at the festival, but I always find time for a little adventure too. I enjoy hiking as a family, going down the luge run with my daughter and relaxing by the lake with my partner, to name just a few examples!

Follow the lead of so many other festivalgoers and get your fill of blues, beauty and fun in larger-than-life Tremblant!


Back in #Tremblant ??

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An international reach

Did you know that the festival brings over 100,000 visitors to Tremblant annually? Over ten days, it creates a unique ambiance that you won’t get any other time of year. Once you arrive in the heart of the pedestrian village, you’ll see what makes the festival such an incredible experience. Over the years, I’ve taken part in many festivals big and small. But nothing compares to the Tremblant International Blues Festival! Visit as a family and bring your friends. Take it from me: you’re sure to create unforgettable memories!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

A spring getaway between girls in Tremblant

Need a short getaway with your best girl friends? Tremblant offers so many activities and options.

The mention of a girl’s weekend evokes images of a facial with slices of cucumber over the eyes, pedicures and pink cocktails. Here, we offer so much more than these dreams of relaxation and fun with your girlfriends.

Our weekend in question began on this mandatory note at the Spa de Tremblant at the Fairmont Tremblant. Entirely renovated, this magnificent space plunges us into luxury from the first few moments. After our selected treatments, we met at the outdoor swimming pool while admiring the skiers descending the Flying Mile ski trail in the beautiful spring sun.

Shopping is a must in the pedestrian village, so we headed there to admire the galleries and boutiques. We all fell in love with the new Lolë collection. Time to get ready for our Copacabanasucre evening at the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. Our room at the Lodge de la Montagne looks like a movie star’s dressing room… Makeup, hair products, choices of outfits and especially shoes (guys, I know I lost you at the title!)

What a nice surprise to see the words ” girl’s weekend ” on the front of the Casino shuttle waiting for us at the entrance of our hotel. These are the little touches that make all the difference.

The short drive to the Versant Soleil ends in front of the casino, all illuminated and so welcoming with its rustic cottage look. The follies continue with the playful photo booth: think photo background with pink flamingos who have deer antlers! This relates directly to the theme of the moment, Copacabanasucre, aiming to create a beautiful mix between the warmth of the tropics and the cold of Quebec.

All these activities open up the appetite and what better place to indulge than at Altitude restaurant seafood and grill where even our menus were personalized for the occasion. The dishes by Chef Olivier St-Arnaud, inspired by the flavors of the forest, completely amazed us. It was an excellent meal, including the mega dessert table that we devoured not only literally, but also with our eyes, as it was a masterpiece. The small sense of guilt while thinking about the calories was quickly forgotten thanks to the band that made us move to latin rhythms, pop songs and even country music.

Impossible to be at the casino without trying our luck at tables and slot machines, it’s so exciting to hear the sound of a winning machine. Especially if it’s one of ours!

Last stop before heading in, the most popular after-ski bar in North America according to Ski Magazine. P’Tit Caribou is a must for local as well as for visitors of all ages (adult of course).

The following day we were blessed with another beautiful sunny day for our outdoor activities; Magnificent spring skiing conditions, a break at the Refuge for a drink and to admire the view and après-ski on the terraces of Place St-Bernard.

It feels like a week of activities in 2 days and we were left wanting more ! We parted ways with promises to redo together this experience, which brought us closer still by making us forget for 48 hours the routine of everyday life. A perfect weekend to appreciate these precious friends. And all at a short distance from the city.

Thank you to the Mont-Tremblant Casino, Tremblant’s Altitude seafood and grill restaurant, Spa de Tremblant at Fairmont Tremblant, Lodge de la Montagne by Les Suites Tremblant, Mont Tremblant Resort and SMT Stores for making this incredible weekend possible.

Photos: snow, panorama and sunshine

On this sunny February Friday,  I present a few snapshots taken on the Tremblant ski trails. While the temperature might be on the cold side, it is a wonderful time to enjoy this beautiful day which offered us a magnificent landscape view, a beautiful blue sky as well as tons of sunshine.

© Photos @rpnormandeau