True mountainman and slide sports guru Patrick Lussier fuels and shares his passion each and every day. Sailing the trails and exploring glades are hardwired into the DNA of this Tremblant ambassador and former member of the Canadian alpine ski team. And his approach to skiing has evolved on this journey. “As a pro ski athlete, I used to attack the trail in a competitive way, always trying to raise the bar and ride at my limit.” While he once put more thought into skiing, blasting down the trail, banking on results and performance, today he skis more freely alongside other dedicated aficionados like himself. “I’ve never lost the love, but what motivates me to hop on my skis now is far less rational or calculated than it was before,” says the man who now prefers losing himself in nature to disconnect and find his centre.

February: The Month When Anything is Possible!

“February is the month that best defines my endless love of skiing,” says Patrick. It’s the best time to revel freely in the pure pleasure of skiing, letting go of yourself to the sensations you experience when there’s a good base, loads of fresh snow or in the glades. “Whether you’re out to conquer groomed trails or searching for untouched bits of glade, just point yourself at the mountain and let the magic begin!”

With well-honed mid-season reflexes that boost confidence levels, he sets out to reexplore trails that drive him out of his comfort zone ? Dynamite, Zig-Zag, Vertige, Laurentienne, Expo and La Griffe. After sailing his favourite trails, he likes exploring the glades that offer every level of skier lots of assorted terrain. Depending on the challenge he’s set for himself, he switches between skiing, snowboarding, telemark and alpine touring. This last choice allows him to explore the mountain’s outer reaches, adapting his route to the day’s changing conditions. In short, so many opportunities for this passionate outdoorsman to drive his limits further, and dream up longer treks on faraway teritory.

“Tremblant’s playground is far bigger than what’s defined as skiable terrain,” says the man who loves finding himself in unique unexplored mountain locations where he feels like the very first person to ever lay down tracks. “I’ll never get tired of that feeling of euphoria I feel on this mountain!”

Discover Pat’s story and his love for Tremblant through this video: