14.12.12 Weekend Forecast

The season is moving forward!

The Flying Mile, our South side mid-mountain lift, and the Expo Express, our North side mid-mountain lift, will be in service on Saturday for a total of 9 open lifts. To the delight of our freestyle fans, the Progression snow park, at the bottom of the Alpine run, will also be open as of this weekend. With the park’s 2 jumps and 5 rails/ box, we’re up to 15 total stations with the 8 already available on the North side.

Snow forecast

Snow conditions are looking good; we expect to deliver more than 33 tracks throughout the weekend. The small storm we had this week gave a nice texture to the gliding surface and a few more inches of snow are still to come in the next couple of days. As usual, the operations team will be on the lookout to take advantage of all snow making opportunities and deliver new skiable terrain as soon as possible.


Don’t miss out!

A few events are taking place at the mountain Saturday, including the Super Demo Day. Open to all, you will have the chance to try some of the best skis and snowboards on the market. Do not miss this first of four scheduled demos this winter, always at the base of the South side.

As in previous years, we invite our members to a nice get-together with Tremblant’s Executive Team. If you have a season pass with privileges or are a member of the Club des Montagnards, you are invited to a breakfast with us at the Grand Manitou, Saturday, December 13, 2014, at 7 pm 45. Holders of Buissonnière passes are also invited.

Hope to see you on the slopes!


A Mother’s Pride: The Story of Françoise Hétu and her Son, Charles Reid

A Mother’s Pride: The Story of Françoise Hétu and her Son, Charles Reid

It’s Sunday, January 19th, and a constant snow is falling on the town of Stoneham, Quebec. Françoise Hétu and husband, Alain, are anxiously waiting on the side of a ski trail reserved for the World Cup Slopestyle competition in snowboarding.

As Françoise and Alain nervously pace, you can feel the tension in the air: Their son, Charles Reid, is trying to win a spot on the Canadian Olympic Snowboarding team heading to Sochi. Just four years ago, to almost the day, Charles was injured at the very same venue at Stoneham trying to qualify for the Vancouver Games.

« As a parent, the only thing you hope for is that your son does not relive the same situation again, particularly since in the last couple of years, Charles has had his share of injuries. »

Charles’s passion for snowboarding began as a result of his very athletic mother, who introduced Charles and his brother to snowboarding for the first time at Tremblant when Charles was about 5 years old.

“It was the first time on a board for the three of us, since I normally ski. Let’s just say that we spent half of our day on the Nansen ski trail trying to come down.”

Charles quickly developed into quite a talent and by age 7, started competing and finding sponsors that would allow him to evolve in his sport by being able to pay for his travel costs, races, equipment and eventually a monthly salary that would permit him to fully dedicate his time to snowboarding. Charles was a happy young man, fulfilling his passion to the fullest. It goes without saying that the life of the athlete isn’t always easy when you consider the continuous ongoing rivalries and sustained injuries, which often lead to extended long breaks from competition.

« Whenever Charles calls me because he’s doubting himself, I always tell him the same thing: “Why do you do it?” I always try to bring him back to the essence of what brought him to the sport in the first place, namely his passion for the sport. »

The competition at Stoneham has begun and Charles finds himself in forth position. One last downhill run will determine whether he goes to Sochi. While the athletes fight it out, Alain takes a very tense Françoise into his arms. The competition is soon over, and Charles has done it!

With a lump in her throat and full of emotion, Françoise goes looking for her son. Hugging her, Charles shouts, “I did it, Mom! I did it!”

With tears in everyone’s eyes, the family reunites and celebrates: Françoise adds, “When your child is happy, you can’t help but feel complete happiness. I’m so proud of him.”

Saturday, February 8th, Charles will realize his dream. He will participate in the Slopestyle snowboarding competition at Sochi, with his parents accompanying him despite the trouble they had securing airlines tickets and finding a place to stay. The live broadcast of the competition will take place between midnight and 5 am on Radio-Canada. We invite you all to keep abreast of the results on Tremblant’s Facebook page and to send words of encouragement to Charles on his Facebook page.


Weather roller coaster

The Holiday Season was launched with temperatures worthy of the far north. Cold weather is positive for skiers! At such cold temperatures, the thin layer of water created by friction under the skis and allowing them to glide is no longer doing its job. Skis dig deeper in the snow and turns are much easier to undertake. Cold temperatures also bring those beautiful blue and cloudless skies that offer views of surrounding landscapes reaching as far as the horizon.

This cold wave was followed by two periods of warmer wheather. Just a few days after the beginning of the new year, temperatures reached freezing point, and even rose above it a few times. Despite the rain, skiing surfaces were fast and soft, much like conditions normally seen in March and April. We were then caught by a suprising temperature drop, going from 5 degrees Celsius to minus 20 in less than 24 hours. Skiing surfaces hardened and became much more rapid.

That brief freezing period was followed by another few warm days that allowed us to work the runs’ different snow layers and deliver very good skiing conditions. Our team worked on grooming a total of more than 156 in less than 52 hours.

According to the weather forecast, winter is expected back with mid-winter average temperatures and even some snow. Our team of groomers will continue working toward delivering beautiful snow conditions and we expect to reach the maximum of opened trails in the upcoming days.

Corduroy is back!


Adrenaline Park is open! (video)

Thanks to rider Alex Ste-Marie for taking these images on his first day in the park this year. Visit our Snow Parks web page to find out more.

Please remember that you need the Adrénaline Park Pass and helmet is mandantory!

Don’t forget to use #tremblant on photos and videos you share 🙂

Introducing the 75 feet pipe by Alexis Godbout!

As part of our 75th anniversary, this is the latest addition to our Adrénaline Park on the South Side.