On August 16, Ziptrek’s five lines will officially be open to the public. This week we had the chance to try the newest additions and they were exhilarating! Or eco-exhilarating as they would say. The final two lines truly round out the experience, which was already a huge hit with our guests.

The experience

Your adventure begins with a gondola ride up from the village, to the summit of Mont Tremblant. A short walk away is the first zipline. In this starting leg, you simply get a feeling for jumping off a platform and a sense of the jolt from the brakes on the finish. By the second leg, you feel slightly more adventurous, “Maybe I’ll try doing the star?”


After a nice stroll in the woods, you get to the third zip. That’s where you finally get into it and see what you can do: the wind in your hair, flying over the trees at speeds of up to 100km/h, you can do anything! Then, right when you’re still feeling that beautiful natural high, off you go onto the fourth and longest leg, a drop equivalent to 25 storeys, to witness exceptional views. Just to keep you grounded and caught up on your eco lingo, there is another short hike in the woods. Here the knowledgeable guides inform you about our ecosystem, as they do at other key points along the course.

Climbing up the platform to the final zip line, you know that this is going to be awesome. The pedestrian village of Tremblant is straight ahead as you glide towards the top of the village. Finally, there you stand, high above the entire colorful village. What a sight!


Good to know 

If you have yet to live this nature-filled, high-flying experience, here are a few facts:

– Ziptrek combines low-impact ziplines through the forest with an engaging interpretation program;

– There is a total of 5 tandem ziplines, multiple viewing decks, and includes some moderate trail hiking;

– Ziptrek is a summer operation and runs daily throughout the season until the end of Canadian Thanksgiving;

– Ziptrek tours take place directly on Mont Tremblant itself and welcome guests ages 7 and up.

– The Tremblant landscape is home to bears, wolves, deer, woodpeckers and a plethora of other living creatures and organisms.


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