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New Season, New Accessibility Era

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A new season has just been launched at Tremblant and it brings a wind of change to Eastern North America’s number 1 ski resort. In order to break down the barriers of perception and allow a greater number of skiers to enjoy the winter season on the mountain, we undertook a major shift toward accessibility.

For the first time in Tremblant’s history, we put forth a significant price drop for all season passes (with refunds to passholders). We also introduced the new Sublime Pass and a new more user-friendly website as well as planned more occasions for our clientele to meet our athlete-ambassadors during various events.

As a leader of the ski industry, Tremblant has obviously taken this accessibility turn without skimping on the quality of customer experience. A great example was the season’s official opening on November 22, as we opened over 10 trails including one top to bottom, a first in the last decade. As we expected 400 people, we were very excited to welcome more than double that number of gliding sports adepts who happily took part in this first day of a great season!

It is with that same spirit of excitement that Tremblant enters this new era and this blog is another aspect that will allow us to get closer to our clientele and offer products and services that exceed your expectations.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:


    Could you please tell me why the Tremblant website indicated that the Gondola was running on the windy Sunday 20th when it never opened ?

    This is my 2nd try at communicating with you

    Looking forward to your feedback.



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