June 14, 2021 update

Tremblant now in the yellow zone!

Deconfinement is picking up the pace: the Laurentians region is now in the yellow zone! Here are the changes we’ll see in Tremblant:

Indoor or outdoor gatherings

  • Indoor gatherings can now be held between the occupants of 2 households.
  • Maximum of 8 people from different households or all occupants from 2 households can gather outdoor and on balconies.

Basic health instructions must be followed at all times.


  • All restaurants can now operate without restrictions. No more reservations required.
  • The occupants of a maximum of two private residences can share the same table.

Bars, breweries, taverns, casinos

  • Bar terraces are now open! These establishments will welcome 50% capacity with seating only.
  • The Casino Mont-Tremblant will be reopening on June 21st with fun games and good food on the menu!

Outdoor Sports and Activities

  • Supervised sports and recreational activities may be now carried out in groups of up to 25 individuals, in addition to any officials, staff members and volunteers.
Tremblant Health Measures

May 31, 2021 update

Welcome to the orange zone!

One more step towards deconfinement: the Laurentians region is now in the orange zone! Here are the measures that will be positively affected by this change:

Opening of dining rooms

  • Indoor dining is now possible! Restaurants will be able to reopen their dining rooms. Note that reservations are required.

Indoor sports and recreation

  • Training centers can once again welcome their customers. Hotels will therefore see the reopening of their gyms.
  • Indoor activities can also operate again. Good news for our many all-season activities

Supervised sports and recreation permitted outdoors

  • Ride, hike, run with your friends! (keeping a 2m distance) Contactless and outdoor sports activities can now accommodate up to 12 people.
  • With the warm weather coming, the opening of the swimming pools is much appreciated! Hotel spas and pools can now open.

Measures in effect from Friday May 28, 2021

Long-awaited news was unveiled on this last week of May. The deconfinement will be starting soon! Among other things, the Quebec government is announcing the lifting of travel bans between regions (except, for now, visitors from Ontario).

How will these relaxed health measures affect your next visit to Tremblant? Here’s what you need to know:

Withdrawal of curfew

  • A little more time in the pedestrian village? Why not! With the removal of the curfew, activities like Tonga Lumina will be able to open for the summer season.
  • Hotel check-in procedures will also be easier without the curfew.

Terrace openings

Quebec Deconfinement Plan

Outdoor activities

  • Groups of up to 8 people can come together for non-contact activities.
  • At Tremblant, masks are always mandatory in the queues, in the lifts (Panoramic gondola, chair lift and Cabriolet) and inside public spaces.

Of course, basic sanitary measures are still in place and wearing a face covering is recommended in any public area.

Further measures will be relaxing in stages in the coming weeks, depending on the epidemiological situation and vaccination coverage. To find out about all of the measures in place, click here.

Here is a reminder of the ongoing measures:

  • Hand washing when entering an establishment;
  • Wearing a face covering in establishments, in queues and lifts;
  • Respecting a distance of 2 meters with others.

Your collaboration is important. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, get well soon and please visit us at another time.

For everything you need to know about sanitary measures at Tremblant, like what to know before your arrival as well as during your visit, we invite you to check our Health Measures page:

Tremblant Health Measures

Your well-being is our priority. We look forward to seeing you soon!