Station MONT TREMBLANT continues its eco-responsible initiatives and starts a new project, the Versant Jardin. The goal is to maximize on our environment and foster the cultivation of food for our resort kitchens. As of this summer, the harvests will be sent to our kitchens to transform the products and use them in our various points of sale.

To carry out the project, several stakeholders were involved. The idea was suggested by Marc Bujold, head of the service for the Food & Bevarages department at Tremblant. To ensure that this project is developed while respecting the vocation of the resort, a consultation took place. Once the outline of the project had been defined, it became necessary to have gardening expertise. In the form of a contest, the participation of horticulture students from the Mont-Tremblant professional training center (CFP) was solicited. Some culture will be in the ground, others in bins made by carpentry students, still in partnership with the CFP, from the cabinetmaking department for this part of the project. By developing a list of requirements, an evaluation grid was created by the F&B department with the Site and Building Maintenance department, allowing to evaluate and choose among 12 garden plans imagined by the students. Among the criteria to be met are protection against predators of all kinds, nocturnal and diurnal, rain and soil irrigation, choosing plants that are resistant to temperature variations, having crops throughout the summer and fall season, and so on. Student Gisèle Throtier’s plan was selected. The first shovelful of the Versant Jardin project was done on June 14 and the first crops were planted on June 22. The harvests have now begun and processed products in the kitchens are now offered to guests and team members.


You have surely noticed it! When using the panoramic gondola to the summit, the garden is fenced but easily visible and accessible via the trails from the south base.

The general idea is therefore to maximize our available resources to accentuate our agri-food autonomy, grow products on site and allow the CFP’s students to put their learning into practice. Basically, the project consists of reviewing the habits of Tremblant’s Food and Beverage department, which has faced two major challenges in recent years: a challenge in recruiting cooks and retaining team members. Among the ideas for correcting the situation, supporting the sense of belonging for cooks by emphasizing the use of local products and ingredients promoting the making of homemade products that they can use in their recipes.

So, we are starting with a garden on the South Side under the panoramic gondola and the project has snowballed because several other bins with vegetables and other market gardening products have appeared in different places on the resort.

Of course, the eco-responsible project must consider the protected areas, the different vocations of the mountain (tourism, sports activities, skiing, trails, etc.), as well as the biodiversity and ecosystems around the garden (animals, plants, streams). Other crops will eventually be planted in suitable places, such as around the kitchens of the Chalet des Voyageurs, or even at the top of the mountain to supply the kitchen of the Grand Manitou, while considering the more extreme climatic conditions. Among other things, we will be able to grow native vegetables there, which grow in more difficult conditions and require less daily supervision.

In the next few years, Tremblant would like to give guests access to this garden to create a picnic area with tables and chairs.


The Versant Jardin project is a desire for partnership with the Mont-Tremblant CFP and the company Northland for the development of the garden. Gisèle, the winner of the contest, becomes the project manager: forecasting a harvest schedule and other planning necessary to maximize harvest yields. In addition, it is a participatory project with the employees of the resort. Team members may eventually get involved on a voluntary basis and help with the harvest. Volunteers will be rewarded by exchanging their time for garden products.

Stay tuned for future developments and do not hesitate to share your ideas on this project. If you want to get involved or want more information, contact Marc at ext. 45451.

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