Heavy snowfalls fell on the Laurentians in the past week while the southern part of the province was hit by several millimetres of rain. The snow accumulation of xx centimetres instantly provided exceptional ski conditions and extended the skiable terrain to 92 trails, including the new glades covering 90 acres of terrain to discover.

The snowmaking team continues on its momentum and announces the opening of new runs on Versant Soleil in the coming days.

Also, starting tomorrow, snow park enthusiasts will be delighted to access the Curé Deslauriers section of Adrenaline Park. Construction work on the Promenade will soon be completed as opening of this section is planned for January 11.

As it reaches more and more covered trails, the mountain is about to offer the most skiable terrain in its history. With 755 acres, it is confirming its status as the largest skiable domain in Eastern Canada.


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