The 21-22 ski season ended on a high note with exceptional ski conditions! But now is the time to let the operations team prepare the mountain for summer.

End of Ski Season 21-22

The work of our operators has paid off! With a few days to go until the end of the season, we were able to offer excellent skiing conditions on a wide variety of slopes. Indeed, we were able to ski on a 71% open ski terrain, including 73 trails, 3 snow parks and 9 lifts open, as well as all the alpine touring trails, all thanks to a total accumulation of 217 inches of snow throughout winter.

Behind the Mountain experience hides a large, experienced, and passionate team that faces the elements to prepare for your next visit, every week, and all year long. We therefore take this opportunity to thank them and congratulate them on their good work this winter. It is thanks to them that we have been able to ski in the best possible conditions all season long.

Preparing the Mountain for Summer

Our maintenance team has already started working for a few weeks to convert the mountain from winter mode to summer mode. The priority for the operations team is, of course, to focus their efforts on the ski lifts to allow them to open in time for the summer period which begins on May 20. Indeed, for several weeks, the annual maintenance work has started on some lifts, as well as on the snowmaking system. We are here talking about the Casino Express, cabriolet, Flying Mile, and panoramic Gondola lifts, which are in operation all summer. The ski lift maintenance team has around twenty technicians year-round who are supported by maintenance operators from March to December. As for the snowmaking system, a team of 6 technicians has been concentrating solely on preparing the next ski season since mid-January.

At the same time, the teams are preparing for summer and the next ski season. For their part, the snow park team, the patrol, and the day workers are cleaning up the mountain. They will gradually recover the signage and ropes from the trails, dismantle and remove the modules from the snow parks, and carry out the maintenance of the equipment. In addition, with the melting snow will come the preparation of hiking trails for the summer, as well as erosion control actions and other maintenance work on the mountain. Summer activities on the mountain are also in preparation for the season’s opening, such as the luge, Ziptrek Ecotours, and Tonga Lumina.

Things to Do at Tremblant Before Summer

While waiting for the summer activities to begin, Tremblant offers its guests a wide variety of activities to do with your family, friends, or on a date. Indoors and outdoors activities, gastronomic and exciting experiences, relaxing moments… everything for a successful visit or stay!