With the drops in temperatures this week, we’ve managed to restart the snowmaking system. Nearly 50 cm of fresh snow has also fallen over the past 10 days, leaving us with great ski conditions. Snow making conditions are excellent and we’ve been able to start working on the Flying Mile and Expo sectors and prepare the slope for the Freestyle World Cup that will be held starting on January 23rd.

We plan to open new runs over the next few days. You may notice large piles of artificial snow on some of the trails. Letting the snow rest for a while before grooming it optimizes its quality. These large snow mounds are also a delight for skiers and snowboarders who really enjoy carving on them!

We expect to deliver 96 runs with excellent conditions for the weekend. The McCulloch trail will be closed for the weekend for the FIS Alpine Snowboard Provincial Championships on Friday, followed by the snowboard Parallel GS Nor-Am Cup on Saturday and Sunday. Come cheer on the best snowboarders in North America!

Other good news: our new Prinoth snow groomer has just been delivered! We can’t wait to show you what is can do on the snow!

The weather forecast is leaning toward precipitations for the weekend. Will we be getting rain or snow at the summit? Stay tuned at tremblant.ca/conditions and access daily weather updates.


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