We were lucky enough to have a nice snowstorm hit the mountain on Wednesday, leaving several centimetres on the ground. Let’s just say it’s a thumbs up toward reaching our objectives! We readily launched a new snow offensive on Thursday that, along with the seasonal temperatures, will allow us to deliver new terrain for the weekend.

Indeed, the mountain will be open from top to bottom on both the South and North sides, with more than 20 runs and 6 lifts available by Sunday. New openings include the Lowell Thomas area, with the following trails: Lowell Thomas, Rope Tow and Rigodon.

Over the next few days, snowmaking will continue with operations concentrated on the upper South side and the bottom of the North side.

Snow Parks

For the weekend, snow park enthusiasts can have fun in the Alpine Park with 8 medium and large modules, including 3 jumps.

Make sure you start off the season right and get slowly back into the rhythm. Enjoy a nice coffee break at Le Grand Manitou and discover the phase II renovation results! And don’t forget to check out our new mobile canteen, Le Nomade, which will be located at the top this weekend.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!


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