Is there a better way for a mother and her daughter to spend a one-day getaway than to explore the mountain on a hike and end it with an outdoor yoga session at the Lolë White Tour?

Combine nature and yoga

After spending a few hours on the stream-bordered paths and picnicking in the middle of nature, we returned to the frenzy of the pedestrian village. The terraces were crowded with vacationers sitting at tables as we grabbed a sandwich to go and headed to the beach to join the great yoga and meditation gathering held by the water…

Nearly 250 yogis dressed in white
were getting ready to honour peace.

When we arrived, we witnessed a grandiose scenery: the sun overhanging the immensity of the mountain, a line of sailboats rocked by the breeze on Lac Tremblant and a large beach of sand warmed up by a hot day. This was the setting for the Lolë White Tour as it was brought to life. Men, women, young and old in search of balance and well-being settled on their carpet.

It was not about perfectly performing or mastering the postures,
but rather surrendering to the moment.

We were treated to a session of sound and movement, gracefully guided by 3 inspiring ambassadors. Sequences were punctuated by a harpist who perfectly handled the strings of the instrument with notes vibrating all the way to our hearts. We were bathed in a zone of total calmness that can be resumed to a single word: “serenity.”

End the session with a sunset

With the last music note came a major highlight of the day. Before our eyes, a wonderful sunset beautifully concluded the event and brought both feet back on the ground.

A path of lanterns guided us toward the exit, this bright light dragging memories of our passage at the Lolë White Tour at Tremblant. We left the beach with a smile on our faces, a little more centred than when we first arrived, but above all, light-hearted and energized. My mother’s joy was palpable, for we had just shared a precious moment which had, once again, strengthened our bond.

This sweet celebration of peace will have marked both mother and daughter, bringing them closer together like never before.

Musical evening with Geoffroy

Our experience ends with Geoffroy’s musical performance that transposed us into a universe of vibrant and melancholic sounds. At Place St-Bernard, the crowd was waltzing to the soft sound harmonizing perfectly with the piano, bass and guitar.

Yet another moment of escape that lifted our spirits.