Lydiane Autour du Monde in Tremblant for the Gran Fondo

Adventurer, world traveller and writer Lydiane, from the blog, was in Tremblant this past weekend to participate in the annual Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant. Other than the large-scale cycling event, she also enjoyed some relaxing spa time at the Spa Scandinave, a high-flying zip above the Laurentians with Ziptrek Ecotours and a fun paddle session on Lake Tremblant. Here’s her photo recap:

Head in the clouds… or rather feet in the clouds!!!

Yoga everywhere!

Our wonderful Ziptrek group!

I love this photo, especially the two people on the right of the image…They look like they are straight out of a period movie!

2 wonderful and friendly humans! They did 125km of cycling at an average of 32 km/h ….. That’s what I call in shape!!!!

The terrace of the Coco Pazzo restaurant… We ate like royalty!! Miam! And they even have a gluten free menu… I love it!

Sunset from our bedroom window

Lake Tremblant marina

Paddle Board on a lake at 12 degrees = very focused on not falling in!!

VERY expressif balloon maker… Hihi!:)

This lady, this place… So inspirational! You have to stop by!

My love relaxing by the fire


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