Brittany Phelan, part of the Canadian national ski-cross team, lent us her smile and energy for a few hours so we could show you the basics of Alpine Touring! With the festival coming up, here are the 12 tips to remember when you head out for your hike:

  1. Get your day pass and gear at Explore!
  2. Dress according to the weather and bring an extra layer for the descent
  3. Skins are to be kept warm so they stick to the ski
  4. Skins should fit the ski base with the edges showing
  5. Binding models vary; make sure you know how yours works before heading out
  6. Definitely make sure to tour in walk mode and ski in ski mode!
  7. Increasing pole length on the ascent will give you a longer push.
  8. It may be tempting to walk, but all you have to do is GLIDE
  9. Keep head and chest up to keep the weight on your skins!
  10. Once done. Place binding and boots in ski mode
  11. Skins off and tucked away
  12. All that’s left is to enjoy the descent!

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