Where do I start ?

You now have a few weeks of golf under your belt and some of you find yourself in a low period with regards to results obtained. What to do, and where to start to find your landmarks? I propose to start with the following two points: ensure that your start position is in accordance to the clubs that you use and that your final position is in balance. A bad start position will have you miss your swing even before you actually do it and a bad finish could ruin a good motion.

Starting position:  

Athletic pose over the ball with the shaft of the club pointing towards the inside of the left thigh for right handed player and at the level of the belt. For alignment and positioning of the ball, use an alignment rod or a club on the ground to ensure that there is no mistake at this level.

Finishing of the swing:

In balance with your back foot on the tip of the toes. Keep your position for at least two seconds in order to develop your sense of balance while ensuring a better contact with the ball, transferring your weight efficiently.


Daniel Bilodeau B.Sc.
Head teaching professional