After being renovated in 2019, then closed during the pandemic, brind’O Aquaclub is now ready to welcome you back in its bigger than life aquatic world. As of June 20, guests have access to indoor games and slides at the aquatic centre. The outdoor pool stays closed until further notice due to technical issues. Located in the heart of the pedestrian village, brind’O Aquaclub is a must for family fun in Tremblant, rain or shine. Book your visit now.

What Did the 2019 Renovations Involve?

The main attraction at Aquaclub La Source was the indoor pool, which has been completely transformed into a family water play centre featuring four slides, 35 interactive water play games, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, as well as an outdoor pool (in summer), in addition to a fitness room with the very latest in training equipment. Thanks to a $3.8M investment from the Tremblant Resort Association, the entire space has been completely rethought, from its welcome desk to its lockers, showers, and boutique. 

Who are the New Infrastructures Intended For?

For everyone, but more specifically for families with kids from age 3 to 15. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

What Does the “brind’O” Name Mean?

In everyday Quebec French, people use the term “brin d’herbe” (blade of grass) in reference to small bits of grass and such. And because the complex features water slides and interactive games, it seemed important to include this notion as well; so instead of using the word “eau” in its regular spelling, we chose to go with the deeper sounding letter “O”. This addition led to the creation of the name “brind’O”: short and easy to pronounce, it suggests endless fun and games and is both fanciful, and playful!   

Who Developped the Spatial Concept?

We contracted WAA Montréal Inc, a firm specializing in landscape architecture, urban design and urbanism, and the original creators of the 1997 complex, in collaboration with Poirier Fontaine Architectes, GBI and Nordmec Construction.  

As for the manufacture of the slides and interactive warer play games, a Canadian company called ProSlide Technology was selected.

What’s the Essence, the Story Behind the Experience?

It is an imaginary world where everything is giant-sized and each step leads to discovery. In brind’O’s make-believe world, every blade of grass is a tree, and every drop of water is a pond. The place hums with movement; dragon flies graciously weave their way over enormous ants, children are having fun, parents are smiling.

Was an Ecofriendly Approach Considered When the Project Was Being Developped?

Just removing the swimming pool significantly reduced electricity, gas and water calibration needs. Several other aspects were also considered for the new concept, such as a ventilation, cooling and dehumidification system, as well as a low-energy lighting system. Low-water consumption has been achieved by integrating debit-sensitive features. We also trust that providing drinking fountains will increase the use of reusable water bottles among our guests (also available at the boutique).

Is the Training Centre Open?

The brind’O fitness room will reopen to the public on Monday September 19. This new training room offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment and personalized training service with certified experts.