Herb garden on the Promenade Deslauriers for restaurants

In order to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, Station Mont Tremblant has just finalized an eco-responsible guide that includes several actions related to the following issues:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Management of raw and residual materials
  • The quality of products and services
  • Impact on regional economic development

Mont Tremblant Resort is the first Quebec ski resort certified as an eco-responsible company by the Sustainable Industries Council.

One of the actions suggested by the 5-year eco-responsible plan is to make available to its trading partners a herb garden. The Tremblant Resort Association, a partner of Station Mont Tremblant, supported this project by planting herbs in an area that was originally meant to feature only decorative non-edible flowers.

This concrete action, however small, is the first in a series of actions that will make Tremblant an eco-responsible destination, concerned about its environment, its customers, partners and employees, as well as the regional economy.

Tonga Lumina officially opens at Tremblant: A night walk in search of the giant

Last night at Tremblant was the Tonga Lumina pre-launch, a unique Moment Factory creation. Both global leaders, the pair of Québec giants joined their savoir faire to develop an immersive, interactive and illuminated night walk that begins with a ride on the Flying Mile lift and from the mid-way station, plunges spectators into a universe that showcases the mountain’s natural elements.

From left to right : Jonathan St-Onge, Producer at Moment Factory, Patrice Malo, President and Chief Operating Officer at Station Mont Tremblant and Pascal De Bellefeuille, representative for Ville de Mont-Tremblant’s Mayor

“It is with great pleasure that we see this major project come to life, one that merges the mountain’s specificities and our resort vacationing knowledge with the creativity, talent and expertise of the Moment Factory team,” said Patrice Malo, Station Mont Tremblant’s President and CEO. “In addition to being a perfect complement to the resort’s varied offer, this new first-rate evening adventure is tailored to suit visitors of all ages.”

“It was a genuine pleasure working with Station Mont Tremblant’s team, creating a new immersive multimedia experience for the region’s visitors and residents. Inspired by Mont Tremblant and its legends, Tonga Lumina is our latest night walk that invites visitors to rediscover this magnificent site at night, and enjoy a different type of adventure in nature,” explained Moment Factory producer Jonathan St-Onge.

The Legend

Legend has it that a sleeping giant calls Mont Tremblant home, and that upon each of his awakenings, his descendants would return to this sacred land to seek out his ancient wisdom. Now in our modern times, as the forest is cloaked in shades of green, the giant beckons to us as well. Donning the amulet of the forgotten people, curious, observant spirits follow a mysterious path deep into the heart of the mountain, to discover the secret he wishes to share.

About the Night Walk

  • For all ages, open daily; July 20 to October 9 2017;
  • Deploys across a 5 km forest trail;
  • Starts on Flying Mile lift;
  • Visitors receive an amulet that enhances their experience by interacting with the multimedia environment as they progress through the walk;
  • Continuous departures from sundown until closing, a maximum of 300 persons every thirty minutes;
  • Average duration one hour, or according to the pace of participants.

Tickets are on sale at tongalumina.ca for $26.99 per adult, $16.99 for teens ages 13 to 17, and $10.99 for kids ages 6 to 12. Admission is free for children 5 and under.

About Moment Factory

Moment Factory is a multimedia entertainment studio offering a full range of production expertise under one roof. Our team combines specialization in video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created more than 400 unique shows and destinations. Productions span the globe and include clients such as the Los Angeles International Airport, Nine Inch Nails, Microsoft, the NFL, Sony, Toyota, la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Madonna and Royal Caribbean.

The Trail Trybe camp and sports culture

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

The purpose of sport is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive competitive values like goal setting, sportsmanship, determination and perseverance. The personal lessons you learn through sport are invaluable. When competitive sport crosses the threshold from personal challenge and well-being to professional and high performance, sport takes on a different purpose. Although professional and high performance sport can be mightily impressive and entertaining, it can also start to diverge from the initial values of sport and feed attitudes like selfishness, win at all costs, and a fixed mindset. These may be part of what makes professional sport dramatic and entertaining, but are they necessary? I believe that as athletes cross this threshold, they must start to take responsibility for the positive impact they have through their sport and must make a greater effort to stay true to the basic values of sport. This is part of the reason why I started Trail Trybe, a bike camp for kids in my area. The other is that I have a total blast riding with young riders and am constantly inspired by the grit and innocent joy of kids riding bikes!

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

I started the camp in 2014 to give local kids a portal of entry to the sport of mountain biking and to inspire kids to embrace the lifestyle outdoor sport has to offer. I dedicate time and effort to the growth of the camp with the goal of creating a better experience for more kids, to help grow the sport, and to promote the beautiful area of Mont-Tremblant. I believe this camp will play part in creating a passionate new generation of athletes and promote the positive values of sport. I also hope that the young riders that go through the camp will go on to have a positive impact of their own in all disciplines of life. To ensure that the camp offers an experience that will authentically promote the benefits of sport, help kids fall in love with mountain biking, and give kids the tools to discover the area, my fellow Trail Trybe coaches and I focus on providing a personalized experience for each Trail Trybe participant. This means that whatever the background, interests or level of riding, each kid should feel like the camp is designed for him or her. This is not an easy task and it involves asking a lot of questions, empathy, and organization. Through this personalized experience, kids have a greater connection to the camp and hopefully will be inspired to share the positive values they learn in their lives outside of the camp.

Although the positive values of sport are at the core of the camp, Trail Trybe also focuses on helping the young riders master new skills that will allow them to progress in the sport. The talented coaches of Trail Trybe and I will walk the kids through the techniques needed for specific skills and the steps required to conquer certain features or trails. Each kid has their own challenge, but at Trail Trybe, each challenge is as important as the other, whether it is a big drop, climbing a big hill, or learning how to keep your feet on the pedals when going downhill!

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

This year at the first Trail Trybe camp of 2017, 25 young riders and 4 coaches including myself had a blast on the trails surrounding Mont-Tremblant. For 3 days, we explored what the region has to offer and shared many laughs. We rode trails like ‘’La Gorge’’, ‘’La Geai Bleu’’, and the classic ‘’Envoye en bas!!’’. Each day, the groups joined each other for lunch as a big team to talk about their morning ride. To refresh themselves after some good riding, the kids would jump into the warm water of la Rivière du Diable. Trail Trybe knows some great swimming spots that the kids like to keep secret! On the final day, Tremblant kindly gave the kids the opportunity to experience the resort and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Lac Tremblant. To celebrate the end of the camp, the kids locked their bikes up at the bike shop at the base of the mountain and had lunch at the Chalet de Voyageurs. After a tasty lunch and some candy, the kids had the chance to play some mini-putt at the resort. It was funny to see one of the smallest riders of the camp take home the win! Once the mini-putt tournament was wrapped up, the kids went swimming in Lac Tremblant and Trail Trybe celebrated the end of the camp on the beach by giving away some amazing prizes donated by Bicycles Quilicot and Cybercycle. Although it can be sad to see everyone go their own way at the end of the camp, the first edition of summer 2017 was a great success! The next camp will take place on the July 24, 25 and 26. For more information, you can visit www.trailtrybe.com

I hope that Trail Trybe will one day grow into a culture that encourages riders of all ages and abilities, from kids to adults and beginners to experts, to enjoy the beautiful area of Mont-Tremblant by bike. I envision doing this by continuously improving the experience for young riders and by growing Trail Trybe from just a camp for kids to offering adult camps, single day lessons and guided rides. I would like to see the young riders at the camps graduate to take on leadership roles within Trail Trybe and share the passion they cultivated there with others. I also hope that, through the reach of the internet and social media, the Trail Trybe culture will inspire people everywhere to get out and enjoy nature while keeping the principal values of sport to heart. My resources are limited as I am trying to balance full time studies and professional sport, but I am dedicated to making Trail Trybe an inclusive community of passionate people that will have as far reaching a positive impact as it can. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Trail Trybe and its members.

Trail Trybe - Felix Burke

New learning tech at the Tremblant Golf Academy

At the Tremblant Golf Academy, we put all the tools at your disposal to support you in your learning of the sport. In the video below, Scott Casey, head golf professional at the Tremblant Golf Clubs, presents five technological devices available to the Academy’s clients.

  • Nikon Coolshot 20 – laser rangefinder
  • Ernest Sports Golf Launch Monitor – ES14
  • Blast Golf – stroke and swing analyzer
  • TLink – GPS Golf Watch
  • USB charger for golf cart

Playing in the rain – Pro tips for golfing Le Diable

14555246669_43b77ddecb_k (1)

Le Diable, made up of long, narrow fairways and a mountainous back nine, is known for its vast red-sand bunkers that give the course a nice level of difficulty. With 5 sets of tee, all levels of players are welcome. It is also the golf course that marked the career of Mike Weir, for it was here that in 1999 he won the prestigious Telus World Skins Game.

This week, our professionals at golf Le Diable share their knowledge on a challenge that has marked most players. So, here are some tips for playing in the rain.

Tip 1: Stay positive!

It’s no secret that golf is a sport that requires mental discipline. Remaining positive despite the rain, your game and your day will not only be more enjoyable, but likely more successful. According to Daniel Bilodeau, Head Professional Instructor at Golf Le Diable, there is a good chance that a player in your party has already lost by the first hole, simply because he or she is in a negative environment. Use this to your advantage!

Tip 2: Have the right equipment

This point may seem obvious to some, but as in many sports the right equipment is essential. Shoes that are water resistant and a good rain coat can make your experience much more pleasant. In addition, it was recommended that we have more than one towel close at hand, to keep the hands dry on the golf club. Rain gloves are also an accessory that can give you an edge.

Tip 3: Anticipate a short roll

When the ground is wet, it is expected that the ball will react differently. If you anticipate a roll of 15 to 20 feet after landing on the green, the reality might be 5 to 10 feet when playing in the rain. Especially on a course built in lengths like Le Diable, it is important to know this when planning your play.

Tip 4: Consider the drive

Another tip for your shot in the rain is to think about taking a different club. To get the same distance as you would have in a drier environment, a longer club will help your ball travel farther, seeing as the rain will tend to push down the ball.

Tip 5: Visit the academy!

For the best advice, the Golf Academy in Tremblant is a must. A team of CPGA certified instructors provides customized individual or group lessons to improve your performance, no matter your level. In addition, it offers superior facilities, spread on 16 acres, with the best analysis software, a practice green of over 400 m2 and three sand traps with targets.

The best way to improve performance is to practice, even in the rain!



To book your next golf game, visit tremblant.ca and take advantage of our special rate of 2 rounds for $ 189.


Happy golfing!