Hiking: trails for all hikers!

You’ve put away your skis to make room for you hiking boots? Great news! With the official opening of hiking trails and the Panoramic Gondola last weekend, May 19, you’ll be able to hike up one of our 11 hiking trails or go up your favorite ski run.

Just like during winter, the mountain offers various difficulty level trails such as beginner, intermediate and expert. We suggest you start the season slowly but surely by picking trails that are adapted to your level. Beginners, always ensure you pick trails that are suited to your physical abilities. No worries, you’ll still get to see the wonderful views, even on the easiest routes.

Hiking is an excellent off-season training for skiers and snowboarders. This sport works on legs and back muscles as well as your cardiovascular capacities. Don’t forget to bring water and something to eat!


See the following hiking trails map and plan your outing wisely.



The advantages of lodging in the heart of Tremblant

Lodging is central to the success of your vacation. It must meet your needs and be comfortable after a day filled with activities and discoveries. With proper lodging, your getaway will be memorable!

Lodging located near the mountain gives you direct access to activities offered by Tremblant and lets you enjoy a host of advantages. Most establishments offer services and amenities such as:

Kitchen or kitchenette

If you are planning a family stay, a suite with kitchen or kitchenette will allow you to keep snacks and meals cold, proving ideal for the kids’ cravings. It is also very convenient to prepare a warm lunch before a day filled with adventure!

Kids stay for free

At Tremblant, kids 17 and under stay for free when they share their room with an adult.

Best price guaranteed

When you book directly with us, we guarantee the best price. If you find a better price for your lodging anywhere on the Internet than the one you already reserved with us, we will match that price in the 48 hours following your booking.

Lodging Privileges

A few hotels offer free accesses to various activities.

Summer advantages

Select hotels offer free access to the Panoramic Gondola

Participating hotels:

Bondurant, Lodge de la Montagne, Place Saint-Bernard, Somme des Neiges, Tour des Voyageurs

Winter advantages

  • First Tracks
  • Skate loan
  • Sliding Evenings

Participating hotels:

Ermitage du Lac, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tremblant, Bondurant, Lodge de la Montagne, Place Saint-Bernard, Sommet des Neiges, Tour des Voyageurs, Westin Resort & Spa

Access to water and close to the beach

During summer, all our hotels offer access to an outdoor pool. Moreover, they are located only a few minutes’ walk from splendid Lac Tremblant and from Aquaclub La Source.

Pedestrian Village

Lodging at the heart of the action in Tremblant’s pedestrian village is a must! Dozens of boutiques and restaurants, equipment rentals, ticket offices and activities at your doorstep! Fully enjoy your stay and leave your car keys tucked away for the duration!

Fitness rooms

Many hotels are equipped with fitness rooms.

Spectacular views

Depending on the room, your view could be on:

  • Ski slopes
  • Pedestrian village
  • Lac Tremblant

In all these cases, you’ll be carried away!

Lockers and storage

A few hotels offer free access to storage for your skis and bikes. Ideal to leave your room uncluttered with your equipment!

Lodging in Tremblant, 100% vacation!

4 tips on choosing the right Activity card

Fill your getaway with a ton of activities in Tremblant this summer during your short or long stay!

Adults and children will take full advantage of the Activity Card that gives 3, 5, 7 or 10 accesses to various activities*. These cards are even valid for the entire summer season, so you can use them whenever you want. Now, what is the best pick for you? Here are a few elements to consider to maximize your visit this summer.

1. Pick your activities according to your interests

Before purchasing your Activity Card, take a look at the various activities offered. Then, circle the ones that could be suited for you and your family. That will give you a better idea of the number of activities you wish to access.

2. Compare activity duration and the length of your stay

Certain activities take longer than others! An Activity Card can be used up in an hour or can be spread over 2 days! Take note of the duration of each activity so you can plan your schedule accordingly. If you have a lot of time, we suggest the 7 to 10-activity card. This way, you’ll have more activities to enjoy over a few days.

Take for example a 3-day stay with a 10 Activity Card:

Day 1:
·         Climbing Tower
·         One Luge ride
·         Bike rental
·         Le Petit Géant Mini-golf
Day 2:
·         Panoramic Gondola
·         Birds of Prey Show
·         Lunch Trio
Day 3:
·         One-day access to the Beach and Tennis Club
·         Non-motorized boat rental
·         Iceberg


3. Find out where the activities take place

Activities can be located far away from each other. If you don’t have much time, we suggest you opt for activities located in the same area.

For example, if you plan on going to the top of the mountain and you only have a day, a 3-activity card will allow you to:

  • Get to the summit with the Panoramic Gondola
  • See the Birds of Prey Show
  • Eat a Lunch Trio at Grand Manitou while enjoying the amazing view on Lac Tremblant and the pedestrian village.

4. Note restrictions for each activity

Some activities include weight and age restrictions. For example, you must be at least 3 feet and 7 inches tall and be over 7 years of age to ride on the Luge alone. Note these restrictions when planning.

For more information on the Activity Card, opening hours and restrictions, visit tremblant.ca

*amongst activities available with the Activity Card. See tremblant.ca/things-to-do/activities/activity-card

Golf update: Tremblant golfs are open!

The whole team is very excited at the dawn of the new season which will start in just a few days. Our teams are working very hard at this moment to put everything in place so that our fields offer you the best conditions of play possible. We are doing several cultural practices on the grounds: aeration of greens, departures, alleys. We are also doing stubble cultivation  and cleansing of the vestiges that winter has left us.

Ground conditions

Although the snow took a little longer than usual to melt, the good news is that our fields have had a very nice winter. Indeed, the winter conditions did not damage the lawn and out two courses are therefore in excellent condition for the beginning of the 2017 golf season.

Le Diable golf Academy 

Our professionals Daniel Bilodeau and Don Dairy will be back this year at the Le Diable Academy to help you develop your golf skills, whether you want to improve your game or to start learning the sport.

The Spring Lessons program, accessible to golfers of all levels, will begin on May 13th and will offer a series of five lessons with themes over five consecutive weeks. To take advantage of the promotion and see all lessons available at the academy, you can visit the Tremblant.ca.


New in the Pro-Shop

A new high range Adidas collection will be available in our Le Diable and Le Géant boutiques this spring. It is the adiPure line, which is a slightly more traditional style than the usual image of the brand. Few retailers will have access to this collection in Quebec, you are welcome to come and discover it in our shops.


Le Diable and Le Géant accessible to all !

In order for golfers of all levels to enjoy our courses, we now offer 7 different departures distances on Le Diable. Beginners or juniors will be able to start at the purple tees to better appreciate their experience.


Get out and golf day

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Golf Canada is organizing the Get Out and Golf Day on Sunday, May 28th.To take part in the event, Tremblant Golf will invite juniors to come play for free on Le Diable and Le Géant courses all day long! Information for reservations to come.

See you on the green!


The Tremblant International Blues Festival, as seen by Anne-Marie Withenshaw

by Anne-Marie Withenshaw

I’m delighted to announce that I will be returning as spokesperson for the 24th annual Tremblant International Blues Festival. My excitement for the event is always just as strong, year after year. This unique festival takes place in the heart of Tremblant’s superb pedestrian village. What’s more, it offers unrivaled access to spectacular artists.

Incredible discoveries

The Blues Festival is the perfect occasion for all kinds of new discoveries. With ten days of festivities, you can immerse yourself in Tremblant’s enchanting atmosphere, which perfectly complements the event’s musical rhythms.

One of my favourite things about the festival is discovering new artists. To get the most out of the experience, I go from stage to stage, then take the time to enjoy the performances I’ve chosen to watch. Each year, I discover several artists I’d never heard of before and now they are among my regular playlist!

Unrivaled access

It’s simple: no other musical event offers this kind of access to artists! In this respect, the Tremblant International Blues Festival is truly one of a kind. At Tremblant, it’s completely natural for artists to join the crowd and share precious moments of musical togetherness with other blues lovers. Keep your eyes open, as musicians often treat visitors to performances on the village’s terraces and in its restaurants and bars.

I like. Big. Braids and I cannot lie. ?

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The perfect escape

As soon as you arrive in the heart of the pedestrian village, you’ll see that the festival offers much more than live music! In addition to numerous free shows, the destination serves up 1,001 ways to have fun. I often attend the festival with family and friends: there’s truly something for everyone. It’s simply impossible to be bored with all the activities, restaurants and shops right on site!

An electrifying atmosphere

The Tremblant International Blues Festival has become an annual tradition for me and my loved ones. We always leave with great memories. Music is a big part of how I spend my time at the festival, but I always find time for a little adventure too. I enjoy hiking as a family, going down the luge run with my daughter and relaxing by the lake with my partner, to name just a few examples!

Follow the lead of so many other festivalgoers and get your fill of blues, beauty and fun in larger-than-life Tremblant!


Back in #Tremblant ??

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An international reach

Did you know that the festival brings over 100,000 visitors to Tremblant annually? Over ten days, it creates a unique ambiance that you won’t get any other time of year. Once you arrive in the heart of the pedestrian village, you’ll see what makes the festival such an incredible experience. Over the years, I’ve taken part in many festivals big and small. But nothing compares to the Tremblant International Blues Festival! Visit as a family and bring your friends. Take it from me: you’re sure to create unforgettable memories!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!