Looking for a drink to warm-up after a day of outdoor fun? Here’s all you need to know about warming up your body and soul in the pedestrian village:


Non-alcoholic warm drinks

Hot chocolate

The entire family can enjoy the sweetness and comforting delight of hot chocolate! A classic on cold days offered at many restaurants in the pedestrian village. Enjoy it with a cocoa pancake from Maison de la crêpe or take it to go from Café Johannsen and sip it slowly by one of our many outdoor fireplaces. Any option is good!

> See also Bistro Au Grain de Café, Starbucks


To warm up and rest between two runs, a coffee break in Grand Manitou is a must! If you would rather have a good latte, mocha, American or specialty coffee, make your way to Starbucks at the bottom of the pedestrian village.

> See also Bistro Au Grain de Café, Café Johannsen


To fight a cold, help you fall asleep, awaken your senses or maintain your metabolism… you’ll find a tea for that! Davids Tea welcomes you in Allée des Remparts with a huge selection of over 150 teas and herbal teas, a real pleasure for all senses.


Classic après-ski alcoholic beverages

Hot wine

Originating from Europe, this drink is mainly popular in Nordic countries as well as in the Alps. This wine, sugar and spices blend is served hot and is particularly appreciated by skiers after a day on the snow. Would like to try it? Bistro Au Grain de Café offers a delicious version!

Specialty Coffees

A perfect blend of coffee, alcohol and whipped cream to help you relax and warm-up. Spanish or Irish coffee or other specialty coffees are best appreciated during après-ski at Resto-Bar Le Shack, with a view on the ski slopes, a warm drink goes down very nicely.

Bloody Caesar

Not as hot as other drinks mentioned earlier, the Bloody Caesar is an après-ski classic! Sweet, salty, spicy and sour at the same time, this tasty tomato and clam juice drink is one of the most popular drinks in Canada since the 1970s. Many restaurants and bars offer it in Tremblant, but Le P’tit Caribou’s Caesar Signature is especially enjoyable.

Microbrewery Beer

What better way to beautifully end the day than with a good cold beer with friends? With several barrels of sweet Blizzard or audacious Extreme Onction, enjoy one of the beers brewed directly on site at La Diable microbrewery.


Original picks


For an out-of-the-ordinary après-ski cocktail, Casino de Mont-Tremblant welcomes you at its bar or Altitude restaurant for one of their monthly signature cocktails. Take a chance and discover this jewel nestled at the feet of Versant Soleil.

Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are certainly not the first option that comes to mind when thinking about a comfort drink, but a tasty green juice or protein shake is great to help the body recover after physical activity. At Bar à jus Fluideyou can pick from one of the many options on the menu or create your own « à la carte » smoothie.


After a day out at subzero temperatures, some might seek the comforting warm ambiance of sun destinations. So, why not opt for a Margarita? Be creative and fight the cold with ice-cold drinks! Visit SoCal Kitchen for a little taste of California live from Tremblant.


Find your perfect drink! Visit tremblant.ca for the full list of our restaurants and bars.