If you’ve skied at Tremblant in the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve crossed paths with Ken Bull. Always smiling, saying bonjour to visitors and staff alike, and generally sharing his good spirit, he is a friendly character with a passion for skiing and a love of Tremblant. Last season, Ken Bull skied 152 days. Meaning he skied every day. Every. Single. Day! We sat down for a cup of coffee with the retiree from Ottawa to understand why and how he accomplished such a feat.

Tremblant: What was your motivation for skiing each day of Tremblant’s 75th ski season?

Ken Bull: It was on my bucket list. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do and last year, in my 3rd winter of retirement from the Ottawa police force it just seemed like the perfect time to do it. The anniversary celebrations at the mountain were a coincidence, and a nice bonus.

T: Was it ever difficult?20141030_110936

K: Rarely… when your only worry in life is the ski conditions, life is good. I must say, the grooming in the past 3 years has been especially remarkable. My friends and I have a saying: only 3 things in life are sure: death, taxes and that the grooming in Tremblant will be fabulous! The few times Mother Nature truly wasn’t on our side, we still got a few runs in; once or twice having to take a shuttle to and from the north side.

T: What was the best part?

K: Tremblant holds a very special place for me, it represents family. The joyful atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff… The best part was witnessing this happiness every day and building personal connections with the people I cross. Not one of the people I met here I wouldn’t feel comfortable inviting over for après-ski drinks!

T: How long have you been skiing in Tremblant?

K: I’ve been skiing here for over 30 years. My children all learned how to ski here and now I have the immense pleasure of watching my grand-children learn the sport on the same hill. We’re very happy that Tremblant offers affordable prices for kids, we got them the 99$ 12 and under pass. It’s good that we focus on the next generation.

T: Where do you stay?

K: For the past ten years, my wife and I have been staying at JB ski club. It’s an old school ski club that gathers people with a love of skiing together. There’s always a nice group there to eat with, play games with, play music with, have a drink with and most importantly, talk about our ski day with!

T: Will you do it again this year?

K: Nope! I’m very happy to have achieved my goal last year, but I won’t be redoing the experience this season. On to the next challenge, which I have yet to decide on! This year I will probably just aim for over one hundred.

One hundred days, not too shabby Mr. Bull!


Happy ski season

SAC with Ken

Team MKT with Ken












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