Ski boots aren’t known for being very comfortable, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Being a skier’s most important piece of equipment a properly fitting boot can make or break your day, even your season. We’ve collected several good tips from our experts at our Tremblant Resort shops to help you find the right fit for your foot, be it in new boots or by upgrading an old pair. The key words to remember here are: sizing, support and service.


Ski boot sizes are not designed in the same way as standard shoe sizes; hence the importance of measuring the length and width of the foot with a measurement tool created specifically for ski boots. These plates, as with the boots, typically use Mondo point, a metric scale that measures the length in centimeters from the toes to the heel inside the boot. So, no matter your shoe size, be sure to get measured in your bare feet or very thin socks with a Mondo plate.



With skiing, and actually with most other sports, the foot is your center of balance and control and thus must be well supported. If the arch of your foot drops at every turn, you lose not only control but also energy. A properly supportive footbed can help with pain, arch fatigue and slow turn response. The previously mentioned measuring plates can also outline your arches, which will help you choose a good standard footbed or, if necessary, have one made by a custom mold.



One of the most important elements in finding a good boot fit is a professional bootfitter. In specialty ski shops, you’ll find experienced people to help you find comfortable ski boots. Yes, it’s possible! With their expertise, they can accurately measure your foot and will use this knowledge to help you choose a proper sized boot. A qualified bootfitter can adjust your boots with a good footbed and, if necessary, mold the boots shell according to your needs. They can also gage your level of performance and guide you towards the appropriate flex.

In the pedestrian village of Tremblant, you will find excellent bootfitters at the Magasin de la Place and at the Atomic and Salomon shops. Whether you are looking to purchase new boots or just trying to improve the comfort of the ones you already have, feel free to visit them for advice.

(Video – Marc-André from the Salomon shop goes through the basics of bootfitting)