Photos: snow, panorama and sunshine

On this sunny February Friday,  we present a few snapshots taken on the Tremblant ski trails. While the temperature might be on the cold side, it is a wonderful time to enjoy this beautiful day which offered us a magnificent landscape view, a beautiful blue sky as well as tons of sunshine.

Mountain Ops: February beauty

February 8, 2017 | North side Tunnel trail | DK Cooper

Since the beginning of the season, we’ve been lucky to have natural snow precipitation on a regular basis. With a few centimeters of accumulation per week, the trails are now covered with a deep snow base offering a top-notch skiing and snowboarding experience. The purchase of two new groomers, combined with the unparalleled experience of our mountain operations team, has allowed us to groom more tracks than usual. Some of which we don’t get the opportunity to groom every year.

Arrival of the new Prinoth groomer

To add to the already beautiful existing conditions, Mother Nature left us a small gift on Tuesday night. Almost 28cm of fresh snow fell in the last 24h! Some areas are less sheltered from wind than others, which will influence the accumulation on the ground. Also, it should be noted that there was a touch of ice rain which created a thin crust on the surface. Nevertheless, once that layer is cut, you’ll find about fifteen centimeters of powder is underneath! The conditions will therefore be optimal after the first skiers go through the trails. The glades, protected from the wind by the trees, are already in good condition. Tomorrow, we’ll have the chance to ski magnificent groomed trails in the sunshine!


February 8, 2017 | North side Tunnel trail | DK Cooper

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes 🙂


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Come and enjoy fresh snow at a refreshing price.

Mountain Ops: a record-breaking winter

Photo taken January 19, 2017

We’re already approaching the end of January and the mountain running full speed! Thanks to good snow accumulation since the beginning of the winter season, as well as unprecedented snow production, today we have 253 hectares of open ski area. In fact, snow accumulation this season represents almost double the precipitation of the previous 8 seasons on January 15th.

Graphique via

Graphic via

As the base is well established in the majority of the trails, snow making operations are slowly coming to an end. The goal now is to finish placing the snow and widening our trails in order to deliver the maximum amount of skiable terrain until spring.

Alpine touring trails

The conditions of the alpine touring trails are quite promising for the Festival Rando Alpine this weekend! The 9 forest trails are open, as well as the 3 designated climbing areas on the ski slopes. The snow cover in the trails is good and the conditions remain more than decent, even after the small episodes of freezing rain. Presently, the snow surface is rather hardened in the bottom of the mountain, but the trees are still full of snow up top, offering that classic Tremblant panorama we love.

Snow Parks

Starting tomorrow, the 3 snow parks will be open with almost 95% of the modules installed and ready for skiers and snowboarders to ride. 10 park features are available in the Rope Tow trail on the north side, 7 in the Alpine Park on the south side and 30 in the Adrenaline Park on the Promenade and Curé Deslauriers trails. Among these 30 in our largest snow park, there are 7 jumps, the majority of which are large sized jumps. According to our snow park manager Simon Busque: “The park is sick! It’s going to be the most awesome Promenade that we’ve built in Tremblant.” Now accessible to everyone, no extra pass necessary, it’s time to come to come try it out for yourself!

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes 🙂

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Mountain Ops: a holiday cocktail!

Photo taken Wednesday December 28, 2016

A nice cocktail for the holidays? That’s exactly what Mother Nature offered us this week! In the last 48 hours, we received 9 cm of snow, some sleet, a bit of sunshine and some rain. We also received a significant build-up of ice on Monday night, especially at the top of the mountain, which delayed the opening of several lifts on Tuesday morning. While our team of mechanics worked to de-ice the primary lifts, inspection of other lifts such as the Flying Mile and the Porte du Soleil had to be delayed.

Furthermore, the precipitation that we received in solid form, mixed with the colder weather, made it possible to build a quality base once groomed. We started the work on the slopes as soon as the cold began to harden the snow, without interruption, in order to re-open tracks continuously throughout the day Wednesday. The various glades, meanwhile, will be evaluated this week in order to plan their reopening.

If you had any doubts because of the precipitation, you’d be surprised! The ski conditions in the groomed areas are very good despite the meteorological cocktail we received. Our team of mountain operations and their fleet of groomers have successfully met this challenge.

Fortunately for all, the snow forecast in the next few days will enable the reopening of some more areas in natural snow. The opening of our 96 tracks is not too far away!

Photo taken Wednesday December 28, 2016


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Mountain Ops: A wonderful gift for the holidays!

Holiday spirit in the village – Photo from December 20, 2016

Today marks the official first day of winter! As of tomorrow, the days will start getting longer and our holiday celebrations will begin. Mother Nature and our mountain ops team have worked hard to offer us a great gift for the occasion: up to 80 trails open for the weekend!

The cold weather of the last few weeks has enabled us to achieve 19 straight days of snow making, and it’s not over! The groomers are currently busy spreading the tons of snow produced so far. This massive production allowed us to open many new trails and prepare the skiable terrain of the Edge and the Soleil slopes. The latter will open again on Friday, giving access to the majority of runs and glades on the Soleil side of the mountain. Saturday, the Porte du Soleil, Casino Express and Edge lifts will be in operation; providing new access to the mountain, as well as new trails.

Over the next few days, temperatures will warm up. Although excellent for appreciating the conditions, it’s less optimal for snowmaking. Despite this, we should be able to maintain snowmaking production during the night. According to current forecasts, we look forward to opening up to 80 trails by December 25. What a great gift for the holiday season!

Snowy slopes! – Photo from December 17, 2016


The Evolution Park, on the northern slope, will be opened again today in its near-final form. The course at the top of Rope Tow consists of 3 rollers and 5 turns. In the bottom section, there are 8 modules, including 3 jumps dedicated to learning (small and medium sizes).
The Alpine Park, on the southern slope, will reopen this Friday, December 23, with up to 8 modules. These include 2 to 3 progression jumps (medium size).
The Adrénaline Park, meanwhile, will open in early January. Until then, we will continue with our massive snow production in this south side park.

View of lake Tremblant – Photo from December 17, 2016


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