Powder day!

It’s powder day in Tremblant! After a night and a morning of non-stop snowfall, for a total of 22 cm, the mountain is simply incredible! And it’s not finished yet, so come enjoy our freshly covered trails, the conditions are fantastic! See you at the summit!

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!


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Mission Liberté: Will you be able to escape in time?


If you’re looking for a new adventure in Tremblant, you’re in luck! Mission Liberté offers an enthralling form of year-round indoor entertainment right in the pedestrian village. Themed rooms will immerse you in a thrilling experience where you must solve riddles an locate clues in order to find the key to your freedom! In one hour, the goal is to successfully complete many small intellectual and physical challenges in teams of 2 to 12 people. Entering is easy, but exiting will require all your senses and keen observation skill.

Fun for all ages, this live action adventure game is excellent for groups of friends, date nights, corporate team building, and family reunions. Discover your detective abilities and other hidden talents as you and your teammates work together in solving a great and mysterious challenge. After the game, you and your group can debrief and gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

Since its opening last February, Mission Liberté has grown from 1 escape room to 6 and has established itself as a MUST DO Tremblant activity along the way. Visitors can try to escape from the Mafia, Pirates, Super Villains and explore deep Space or the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Up for a nerve wrenching experience? You can even try disarming a bomb before it explodes at a crowded hockey match! Until May, Mission Liberté will also offer Virtual Reality trial sessions on the incredible Vive VR system. They will also be reinventing their first room, the popular Pirates adventure, in May, so be sure to come try the classic original version before it’s gone!

During school break season, customers should reserve their preferred game and time at missionliberte.com. If the weather is less than ideal, advance reservations are more important than ever.  The Mission Liberté team is planning a 7th escape room for May and a completely new activity attraction for summer 2017 – more info to follow.

Visit Mission Liberté’s website for more information: missionliberte.com



Spring arrived earlier than expected in Tremblant!

Photo taken March 8, 2017

Spring arrived earlier than expected in Tremblant! From cold temperatures to warm winds and precipitation of all kinds, we’ve been having quite the weather cocktail these past few weeks. Despite this, and despite the fact that there is no more snow in the city, we reassure you that there is still more than a month of downhill skiing and snowboarding to be had!

In order to offer you the best skiing experience, the status of the snow conditions is scrutinized with utmost care. We continually take snow depth readings thanks to a sonar machine that is fixed under a groomer. The latest results show that there is no reason to worry! Sometimes the snow cover is thinner; these sections are often bumps between which there is plenty of snow. With the return of cold temperatures in the next few days, the grooming team gets to work in order to take snow in thicker areas to cover the thinner areas. We regularly use this method throughout the season.

All in all, we consider ourselves to be pretty lucky! The last rainfall we had turned into snow, which means recovery of the trails was much easier. This allowed us to offer very good conditions today. We will therefore be able to reopen several trails that were closed in order to concentrate our grooming efforts on the heart of the mountain. The few centimeters of snow expected in the next few days, combined with intensive grooming, will allow us to once again fully enjoy the mountain.

With these operations in action, we guarantee that you will be able to ski until April 17th, as planned!

Photo taken March 8, 2017

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!


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A busy summer for Tremblant golfs!

An eventful season is gearing up for Tremblant golf courses! Over the past few years, we have been offering a variety of activities to help golfers of all levels improve and better enjoy the sport. With programs for learning, new offers for children and special activities for our members, we want everyone to enjoy our magnificent golf courses and their beautiful natural environment.

For Learning

With a staff of certified CPGA teaching professionals and top-notch facilities, the Tremblant Golf Academy located on Le Diable has a lot to offer: state-of-the-art technology, golf clinics, private and semi-private lessons… And, most recently, a Spring Lessons Program and a Club de Frappe:

Spring Lessons

Kick off your season on the right track by following a series of lessons as soon as the courses open. From May 13 to June 16, 2017, the Tremblant Golf Academy offers 5 one-hour group lessons with a pro, at the rate of one lesson per week (always the same day). Open to all levels, you can follow your lesson either Saturday or Sunday from 12 pm to 1 pm or a weekday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm. At a very affordable price, our spring lessons even include an access to Le Diable or Le Géant courses after 4 pm before June 20, to practice your new skills.

Book now, places are limited!

Club de frappe

From July 4th to September 7th, no matter what your level of play, come perfect your technique with the Tremblant Golf Academy Club de Frappe. We offer meet-ups every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 6 pm for a total of 20 sessions. Our 2 pros will give you good advice during these supervised driving practices and you’ll have access to all of the facilities the Tremblant Golf Academy has to offer.

Topics covered: strokes, short play, sand trap, full swing, use of ES14 radar, video analysis V1.

For Children

Purple Tees

For kids and beginners, tee offs closer to the green are now available on both our golf courses. These purple tees allow children to have fun and make pars and birdies like the pros without having the pressure of following the rhythm of play or of delaying the other players.

Special rates all season

Get your kids golfing! In order to encourage the practice of the sport amongst young people, Le Diable and Le Géant offer free departures for children aged 15 and under for departures after 4 pm. This offer is valid throughout the summer, that is from May 12 to September 24, 2017, when the child is accompanied by a paying adult (one child per adult). For a departure between noon and 4 pm, they pay only $ 49.

Kids golf free week

In addition to the great rates described above, the Tremblant Golf courses will be participating in the Kids Golf Free week. Young people aged 15 and under will be able to play free, when accompanied by an adult, from July 3 to 7, 2017.

For members

Being able to play our championship courses every day. What a good idea! Conquer both of the Tremblant golf courses whenever you want with the Unlimited Access Links Card or the PM Pass. Both options offer multiple discounts to you and your guests as well as a host of privileges, such as the Members Evenings:

Members’ Evening

The perfect opportunity to have fun on the green of Le Diable golf course and continue the evening between golfers! A tournament, with simultaneous starts from 5 pm, precedes a dinner at the Club House restaurant at Le Diable, while a prize draw closes the evening. Member’s Evenings will be held three times during the season. Such a great way to meet old acquaintances or new members!

Mountain ops: Springlike end of February

Photo taken Feb 22, 2017

Mother Nature can be a fickle friend! But worry not dear skiers. Our Mountain Ops team is ready for anything and is continuously working on making the best conditions.

While it’s warmer this week, we are experiencing springlike snow conditions. The wet, heavy snow provides a fun, easy to ski, gliding experience and is a favourite for many guests. For most, spring conditions are ranked second best, right below powder skiing. Unless there are risks of electrical storms, the lifts will remain open in the rain. No lift lines, fun slushy snow, warm weather… skiing these conditions  is definitely worth trying! Plus, you never know when the sun will come back out!

Midwinter rain-soaked snow behaves much like spring snow, meaning that grooming this snow can cause it to deteriorate at a much faster rate. Typically, a rain packed surface offers a better skiing and boarding experience than trying to groom it with a machine, which would leave irreparable marks. That’s why we wait for the water to drain from the snow before grooming.

We constantly keep an eye on weather changes, which means we’re aware that we are looking at a tricky transition period next week, as the cold temperatures are set to return to Tremblant. We will be vigilant in tracking the snow before it freezes, breaking it up so the frost doesn’t create a thick layer of ice. A result of this operation are “golf balls” which will be broken apart gradually by skiers and groomers. It can take up to 3 days before the mountain gets back into top shape, during which some machines will be working up to 48h non-stop.

Until then, we’ll be enjoying a teaser of spring to come!

Photo taken Feb 22, 2017

Photo taken Feb 23, 2017


Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes ?


With 5 webcams, current weather, trail and lift conditions … stay up to date with our tremblant.ca/conditions page