Thank you for this unforgettable season!


The 2013-2014 ski season closed with an amazing sunny and fun Easter week-end both in the village and on the slopes. The last ski day also marked the end of our 75th Anniversary Celebrations. Mixing past and present, these celebrations gave us an opportunity to travel back in time, to the opening of Mont-Tremblant Lodge on February 12, 1939.

Our 75th season has been cheerful and exhilarating. We had the privilege of welcoming more than 1,400 children from our community, we had a taste of yesterday with The Legends Classic, and we kept up with the new at the first edition of the Red Bull Forêt Urbaine Event, amongst others.

View our photos and video montage and relive this year’s magical moments. Thank you for being a part of the Tremblant Story and see you next year!

Tremblant Celebrates its 75th Spring


Saturday March 29, 2014

Emotions and traditions will be waiting for you in this day of festivities that promises to be memorable. The day will begin with a friendly competition for snowboarders aged 7-14, with a special event for Olympic athletes in the afternoon. To continue the celebration, you are invited to witness spectacular acrobatics performed to the sound of traditional music.

The CS Riders competition will start at 10 a.m. The CS Riders program is a great way for young athletes to get familiar with snowboard competitions in disciplines such as freestyle, snowboard cross and alpine, while developing their abilities in this sport. Athletes will have three timed runs combining jumps, rails and turns. Jasey-Jay Anderson is the proud sponsor of this event, making the day memorable!

After lunch, Ville de Mont-Tremblant, Station Mont Tremblant and Club de ski Mont-Tremblant invite you to come and cheer Olympians Erik Guay, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Ariane Lavigne, Brittany Phelan, Caroline Calvé and Charles Reid, in the presence of former Olympians and the whole community. The athletes will leave Place des Voyageurs at 1:30 p.m. to parade to Place St-Bernard where an honorary ceremony awaits them. Festivities will follow with an autograph session near the mountain.

For the grande finale, you are invited to a unique show presented by a young troupe from Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez. TIMBER! mixes the fragrance of freshly cut pine and the passion of loggers carried away by traditional Québécois music, a creation that is off the beaten track. Created from forest resources from the family farm, the acrobatic equipment used during the show keeps it in its flavour and association. The incredible acrobatics offered by the artists is inspired by this raw material. In a joyful atmosphere, these seasoned acrobats and musicians will transport you to the colourful, epic and not-so-distant past of North American loggers. Join the party at 4 p.m. and wear your plaid shirt proudly!

Jasey-Jay Anderson: Life after the Games

Back home from the Games, Jasey-Jay Anderson is keeping a promise made to his children way before the Olympics; he’s fabricating them snowboards.

“The kids created the design. I’ve also made one for my mom who still snowboards at age 70. We had a great time! My oldest daughter, Jora, was so excited to be with me in the shop she couldn’t stop giggling while making her drawing.”

Usually when Manon and the children come to the mountain, they ski on the Jasey-Jay Anderson Trail, their favorite. The girls are so proud, and they make sure snowflakes don’t cover their dad’s name on the sign. Hopefully, they will be able to ride on their brand new snowboards during the school break.

A balanced life is definitely easier to find for the Andersons when Jasey-Jay is home. Even if the girls are used to having their dad away for work, they cannot get enough of hugs and kisses when he’s around. For Manon, no matter what the future brings for Jasey-Jay, she will just go with the flow and make sure the family is united.

“All the pressure of performing faded when I won the gold medal in Vancouver in 2010. I had a different take about the Olympics this year. I accomplished what I wanted although you always compete for more. The pressure from the media is not always easy to handle, especially when you have to explain your results. Let’s just say that I’m even more humble now! I love snowboarding; it’s a great sport and it keeps me in good shape. Who knows what life has planned for me; as long as I have my family near that is the only thing that matters. I embrace every second with them.”

So many sacrifices must be made by athletes and their family but Jasey-Jay is a fighter and will not give up easily. After being part of five Olympics, he’s still on the top of his game. He can also count on this community’s unconditional support and respect.

From March 12 to 14, Tremblant will be hosting the Canadian Championship. Jasey-Jay Anderson and Ariane Lavigne will be competing in their last race of the season. Hopefully you will be attending and cheering for them as much as we will.


Here’s your chance to win an evening of snowshoeing with Olympians

Tremblant and Lolë offer you a chance to win a splendid guided snowshoeing tour accompanied by Olympians Jasey-Jay Anderson and Ariane Lavigne to reach Versant Soleil’s Refuge du Trappeur where you will be treated to a hearty meal. Enjoy a traditional fondue by the wood fireplace in a typical log cabin nestled at the heart of the forest. End your evening beautifully as you make your way back down the mountain led by the moonlight (or your headlamp), all in good company!


Soiree raquette fondue avec des olympiens


Saturday, March 15, 2014, from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
You have until March 12 to participate.
The winner will be announced on March 13, at noon.



1 prize to win
Valid for 2 persons
What’s included?

  • Full meal
  • Equipment rentals
  • Guide
  • Lolë LILY bag and yoga mat, offered by Lolë Tremblant



Just “like” the Facebook post.



  • Spinach and bean sprout salad
  • Chinese cabbage, pear and tarragon salad
  • Different varieties of sausages
  • European cold cuts platter
  • Gruyère cheese Fondue
  • Cheese and Sortilège Fondue
  • Baguette
  • Selection of vegetables and potatoes
  • White or red wine

No changes will be brought to the menu for allergies or food intolerances.

Brittany Phelan: The Olympic Dream

Brittany Phelan lived her first Olympic experience at age 22. Although she was part of the national team and went to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, she was not part of the line-up. Sochi was definitely a dream come true!

“It was overwhelming to be there. Everything was perfect, lots of security but nothing to be bothered. I remember sometimes looking around and pinching myself, reminding me this was for real. As much as you want to cheer your teammates, all you can think of is race day.”

Brittany finished 15th in the Slalom discipline. Her rank in the World Cup circuit is 27. She had a solid first run and a more aggressive second run, improving her position from 17th to 15th overall. She is pretty happy with her results, but when you race you always race to win.

“People, and especially the media, did not expect me to win so I had no pressure. I got the chance to live the Olympic experience; next time I will aim for the podium.”

For Brittany’s parents, who accompanied her, it was the celebration of a long journey.

“I remember when Brittany was four she told me she wanted to race on the Alpine Ski World Cup circuit. She accomplished that and now she is an Olympian”, says Sherry, her mom, with tears in her eyes.

Brittany’s brother and sister could not come to Sochi, but were cheering for her and really proud. Actually, her brother Micheal’s new nickname in school is “Sochi”.

Brittany is on a roll. As soon as her Olympic race was over, she was already focusing on the next World Cup in Are, Sweden, March 8.We are confident her determination and discipline will pave the way to a bright career. Tremblant is proud to sponsor Brittany and wishes her the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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